Harem Wish Series (Books 1-4) by Jen Eastwood (.ePUB)

Harem Wish Series (Books 1-4) by Jen Eastwood (.ePUB)

Harem Wish Series (Books 1-4) by Jen Eastwood
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Overview:You know you want her, but you just can’t have her. Whether she’s so far out of your league she may as well be in orbit, or she’s the innocent type who’d never go along with that dark fantasy brewing in your head. Jen Eastwood writes stories about turning that girl into the kind of bimbo who will do exactly what you want, and then come back for more.
Genre: Fiction » Erotic


Harem Wish 1
Nate’s life was heading nowhere, fast. When you’re dodging bullets on the walk home, just to zone out in front of the TV before passing out for another shift, the promise of the big city couldn’t be more empty. But that all changes when a customer tries to pawn off an artifact that can supposedly grant any wish he could dream of, twice a month. As the guy runs off, Nate worries about how much his boss will chew him out for letting the consignment store be the community dumpster again.
Trying the abandoned statue’s ‘legend’ out, Nathan comes home to his exact wish, and a giant hole in his living room… Literal tons of money will do that when you live on the second floor. Now the crate of money he’s dreamed up needs protection. Especially from the pair of wing waitresses downstairs, who would return home any minute.

Harem Wish 2
Five-hundred-million will change your life, but not as quickly as you’d think. Neither will a statue that grants wishes, especially when it spaces them out to two a month. But with his pair of loyal, devoted bimbos in tow, Nathan understands that he’s due for a housing upgrade. All it takes is calling in a favor from an old friend and a crash-course in money laundering.
After setting himself and his budding harem up in a luxury apartment, those bedrooms that cost more than most people make in their lives need filling. Luckily, Chicago is swimming with the exact kind of girls Nathan is looking for. It doesn’t take him long to find leggy, supermodel-worthy blonde Jaida, and use the statue to claim her as the newest prize in his collection

Harem Wish 3
With the help of a new celebrity ‘friend,’ Nathan finds that the lap of luxury has finally revealed itself. In this case, it comes in the form of sultry, redheaded bimbo Alisa’s thighs. But this only puts the other three on guard. Not content to lose their alpha and idol in life, her entry sparks a competition between them that proves how Kylee, Sierra, and Jaida have to earn their keep.
And as if Nathan’s situation wasn’t complicated enough, he has to figure out the true reason he came to own the wish-granting statue. All while keeping his rapidly growing harem in check

Harem Wish 4
After the supposed ‘expert’ on the statue passes him off to Gracie, a graduate-level underling, Nathan thinks he’s hit a dead-end in his search for answers. But what he finds goes beyond the answers he’s been grasping for. With that rare combination of slim, curvy, and smart, Gracie proves herself more than qualified to join his growing harem. The fact that she knows more about the figures than anyone else doesn’t hurt matters, either.
But she has her own conditions, and an agenda Nate can’t figure out. While Gracie could be the fifth girl in his penthouse and the solution to his financial problems, her own possession of a nkisi figure threatens every part of the life he’d fallen into. Unless Nathan can figure out a way to reign her in, he won’t just lose his power of two wishes a month. He could have his fortune and his entire harem ripped out of his grasp.

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