Harem Overlord’s Quest Series (Books 1-2) by Johnnie Shadows (.ePUB)

Harem Overlord’s Quest Series (Books 1-2) by Johnnie Shadows (.ePUB)

Harem Overlord’s Quest Series by Johnnie Shadows (Books 1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 257 KB
Overview: Johnnie Shadow lives in the real world and writes Urban Fantasy stories filled with voluptuous elves, sexy vampires, and other tempting creatures of the night.
When he’s not writing, Johnnie’s trying to add these sexy monsters to his Harem.
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Genre: Fiction » Erotic


Harem Overlord – Part One
Silly master, my job is to fulfill all of your naughtiest desires!
Danny was on one last road trip with his two best friend’s Rob and Tony to meet some hot girls – until he had to take a pit stop. Danny’s now left on the side of the road while his “so-called” best friend drives off.
Fate has a different road trip for Danny….
Mysterious classic car on the side of the road…
Sexy redhead in a kimono…
Bad [email protected]@ sword that would make Conan jealous…
Two monsters trying to kill him…
Can he survive his unexpected road trip and live long enough to become the Harem Overlord or will be beaten to a pulp by two monsters?
Harem Overlord is a new multi-part harem serial by Johnnie Shadows that puts a different spin on Urban Fantasy stories with a mix of sexy exploits and crazy action following Danny as he builds a harem of hot ladies and battles weird monsters! Harem Overlord: Concubine Witch contains themes of alpha male dominance, a harem of sexy ladies, and MF, MFF, and MFFF scenes! 18+ only!

Harem Overlord – Part Two
“Please give me my reward for helping you master,” she said with a naughty smile.
Danny continues his adventures with Kiki the Concubine Witch and finds Fate has more adventures planned for him at the Harem Overlord.
Fate continues to toy with Danny with…
More green-skinned monsters right out of Danny’s worse nightmares…
Smoking hot Amazon with a spear…
Epic fight scenes…
Flying Kung-Fu kicks…
Can Danny convince the smokin, hot Amazon to join his harem or will the Amazonian warrior kick Danny’s teeth in?

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