Harem of Three Series by Penelope Wylde (.ePUB)

Harem of Three Series by Penelope Wylde (.ePUB)

Harem of Three Series by Penelope Wylde (1-3)
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Overview: Penelope Wylde is the naughty alter ego of a rebel southern belle who loves writing extra dirty, over-the-top romances that are NSFW. She loves beach time, sunsets, and all the book boyfriends she can fantasize about.
Genre: Erotic


1. Mercy for Three – Second chances come in threes with my brother’s best friends.
This was supposed to be a solo healing trip. The plan: return to the mountains, find my way again after we lost my brother. Then move on.
I had everything planned out down to how many bottles of wine it would take. What I never expected was for three irresistible alphas to bust through my door dragging the past in with them.
My brother’s three best friends are home on leave, and they have ideas on how they want to spend their furlough and their obsessive attentions are solely on me. Did I picture myself with them when I barely knew what love was? Hell, yes!
What’s so bad about falling for three Marines with talented, dirty mouths and hard bodies? They left my heart shattered beyond repair once already. I can’t fall for them. Not again.
But their claiming kisses and possessive caresses have me second-guessing my bachelorette status and wondering what letting three men worship me forever could do for a wounded heart.

2. Honor for Three – Temptation comes in threes. Three bodyguards that is. First time failed, but they’re back to take what they want. Me.
I never considered myself filthy-minded but when it comes to my three irresistible bodyguards and all those bulging muscles, I can’t help the dirty thoughts in my head. Or what I do to ensure all my sexy fantasies come true.
Rules about gorgeous bodyguards and their clients be damned, right?
Apparently not.
Being a senator’s daughter comes with privileges, true, but there’s a price to pay, as well. Privacy is non-existent so when nosy paparazzi snap racy pictures of us together my detail is relieved of their duty. Little do they know, they take my heart with them on the way out.
Fast-forward three years. I’m in need of protection when I’m the only witness to a high-profile kidnapping. When my three bodyguards show up in the middle of the night professing they are there to protect me, it doesn’t seem real.
But their tender caresses and possessive kisses tell another story. One that makes me wonder if it has a happily-ever-after with three forbidden men at my side or them walking away again once I’m safe. My wounded heart says run, but my body says let’s see what three gorgeous men can do to make up for lost time.

3. Justice for Three – Three former SEALs turned bodyguards saved my life and, in the process, stole my heart. I thought we were meant to be.
I was wrong. Or at least everyone around me told me it was wrong to crave my three irresistible bodyguards.
Actually, they weren’t even mine, but I wanted them to be. So, I waited and found the right time to share my feelings and my body with all three.
As it turns out, they wanted me just as much. Their tender loving and claiming kisses seared my soul. Branded me, and in the process, I discovered soul mates are real.
Until we are ripped apart and I fight to forget the three men who ruined me for all others.
But fate finds a way. She always does, right? Just when I think I’ve moved on it seems I have one more lesson to learn in life—there’s no hiding place from desire. Or from them.

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