Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk (.ePUB)

Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk (.ePUB)

Good Hope Series by Cindy Kirk (6-13)
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Overview: Cindy Kirk is a lifelong Nebraska resident who started writing after taking a class at a local community college.
Genre: Romance


6. Marry Me in Good Hope – Of all the things Hadley Newhouse expected to find in Good Hope, love wasn’t on the list.
The baker extraordinaire has spent the last three years hiding her past and holding her breath. It isn’t that she likes being evasive. She just doesn’t want to open old wounds. Still, Hadley understands there’s a fine line between discretion and disaster, and she’s pretty sure agreeing to work for sexy single-father David Chapin leaps right over it.
David knows firsthand the havoc secrets can wreak. It was a secret that made his ex-wife walk out on their family, and now a secret elopement has cost him his daughter’s longtime nanny. When he learns that Bloom’s Bake Shop will temporarily close, leaving Hadley without work, he immediately offers her a job. He already knows his daughter adores Hadley, and after a few days with the beautiful baker, David realizes he does too.
Hadley has always believed that happily ever after was meant for other people, not for her. Yet when David paints a picture of a life with him and his daughter, Hadley begins to believe her dream really could come true. But before that can happen, she must come clean. David deserves to know what really brought Hadley to Good Hope—even if hearing it means he’ll want Hadley gone for good.

7. Tie the Knot in Good Hope – Love always finds a way…
Lindsay Lohmeier’s life is no bed of roses. After struggling at a job she loved, but ultimately lost, she opened her own florist shop in Good Hope. Her budding business won’t be her only new addition. Lindsay is pregnant. While she’s happy to open her heart to her baby, opening up to the father is another story.
The last thing Owen Vaughn expected to hear was that he was going to be a father—again. He’s been down this road before and it ended in pain so devastating he thought he’d never heal. Still, he won’t abandon his child or Lindsay, the woman who–before they broke up–had been a bright spot during his darkest days.
Owen proposes, but Lindsay wants her child to grow up in a family built on love, not obligation. As they spend time together preparing for the baby, old feelings resurface. Owen encourages Lindsay to find her own way, hoping she’ll see this pregnancy has given them something special…a second chance at love.

8. Reunited in Good Hope – He remembers the heat. She remembers the heartbreak.
Twenty years later do they still have a shot at love?
When an injury puts NFL star Krew Slattery’s future in question, he returns to his hometown of Good Hope. He plans to lay low, until he runs into Cassie Lohmeier. Krew has never forgotten the one amazing night they shared, and unfortunately for him, Cassie hasn’t either…
Cassie isn’t the same love-struck girl who had her heartbroken by her high school crush. When Krew left town without even a good-bye, she was devastated and made every mistake a woman can make. But Cassie is older, wiser, and determined to leave her sordid past behind. No more excuses or distractions, and most importantly, no more men.
But keeping Krew at a distance proves impossible once they learn he’s her daughter’s real father. Her child’s plea to spend time together ov
er the holidays has Cassie reeling, but how can she say no? Will Krew’s return be another roadblock in her path…or an unexpected second chance at love?

9. A Match Made in Good Hope – A Perfect Match or a Perfect Mess?
Katie Ruth Crewes has spent her life trying to be Good Hope’s good girl. Well, maybe not her whole life. After the scandal involving her parents made high school a nightmare it was only natural Katie Ruth would rebel. But those wild days are in the past and that’s where Katie Ruth intends to keep them. Now she’s devoted to her friends, her volunteer work, and recently to a handsome, young minister.
Pastor Dan Marshall knows a lot about many things, but he knows nothing about women. He was blindsided when his fiancée left him last year and he’s never known how to talk to his little sister, Oaklee, the family hellion. Then there’s Katie Ruth. To Dan, she is the ideal woman: smart, caring, and honest. He knows she’s his perfect partner, he just doesn’t know what to do about it. Katie Ruth does a lot for the church, and Dan can’t risk any impropriety—no matter how much he’s tempted….
When Oaklee suddenly appears on Dan’s doorstep, his well-ordered life receives a well-timed shake up. Perhaps his outrageous sister isn’t as different from him as he believes. She certainly has good advice when it comes to Katie Ruth, who Dan is falling more in love with every day. But Oaklee isn’t the only shock to hit Good Hope. When a secret from Katie Ruth’s past comes to light, she and Dan will have to decide how far they are willing to go to save their piece of paradise.

10. Sparks Fly in Good Hope – Greer Chapin doesn’t do crazy things in the name of love. Yet when no one steps up to run for mayor of Good Hope, love for her hometown takes over. That smart, sensible Greer would make an excellent mayor is a given—as is the fact that she’ll win, because she’s running unopposed. Or so she thought. When another candidate throws his hat in the ring at the eleventh hour, Greer’s world is turned upside down.
Wyatt McConnell can’t believe how much his life has changed. Two months ago he was working long hours as a city manager in Chicago. Then he learned that a grandfather he never knew had died and named him as his sole heir. Faster than you can say ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ Wyatt moves to Good Hope and finds the home he’s always dreamed of. He might even have found the woman of his dreams too—if he can convince Greer not to hate him for running against her.
Falling for their opponent might be irrational, but Greer and Wyatt can’t resist each other. As election night nears, the reality of their situation is impossible to ignore: While there can only be one winner, both candidates are in danger of losing their hearts.

11. Thankful in Good Hope – Keeping this secret could cost him everything…
Trinity McConnell came to Good Hope expecting to reconnect with a former colleague, not a former fling. But within hours of arriving in the picturesque small town, she’s face-to-face with Ryder Goodhue, the man who gave her the hottest, most romantic night of her life.
Ryder has never believed in fate, yet there’s simply no way to explain Trinity’s appearance in Good Hope other than meant to be. Since the night they met, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her. Now, he’s determined to show Trinity how perfect their relationship can be.
The connection between Trinity and Ryder is as powerful as ever, and soon they are swept up in a whirlwind romance. But when an orphaned eleven-year-old girl with Ryder’s name on her birth certificate turns up, their newfound romance is put on hold. A former foster child herself, Trinity knows what it’s like to be a little girl alone in the world. She’s happy to help Ryder make his new daughter his top priority. But there’s something Ryder isn’t telling her. While revealing the truth could have disastrous consequences…keeping this secret could cost Ryder the one woman he can’t live without.

12. Bachelor Games in Good Hope – It’s all fun and games, until someone loses their heart…
Clay Chapin has looks, money and a knack for picking the wrong women. When the matchmaking matriarch of Good Hope insists she can find him the perfect woman, Clay figures he has nothing to lose by playing along.
Though a bevy of beautiful bachelorettes parade in front of him, it’s the one woman who isn’t into games that catches Clay’s eye. If Clay wants to keep true love from slipping through his fingers, he’s going to have to convince Bea he isn’t the player he seems to be.
Bookstore owner, Bea Appleton, has always been perfectly happy to read about risks rather than take them. But when her twin sister is set up with the man Bea has secretly loved for years, Bea must step up to the plate or risk losing Clay forever.

13. Baby Dreams in Good Hope – Always be my baby
Marigold Rallis is not the type to fall to pieces. The youngest Bloom sister makes managing marriage, career, and a busy life in Good Hope look easy. But looks can be deceiving. Years of struggling with infertility while her sisters fill their nurseries have started to take a toll.
It’s not just Marigold who is feeling the stress. Her husband, Cade, Good Hope’s Sheriff, is acting strange. There are unexplained trips to Milwaukee, as well as mysterious texts and calls with his former fiancée.
Marigold’s heart tells her Cade would never cheat, but something is going on between him and his ex. She just needs to find out what…One thing is certain: She and Cade were born to be together. Whatever new challenge is coming their way, Marigold won’t give up on Cade and their dream of building a life—and a family—together.

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13. Baby Dreams in Good Hope


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