Given by Amabel Daniels (.ePUB)+

Given by Amabel Daniels (.ePUB)+

Given by Amabel Daniels (Project Xol #6)
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 468 kB
Overview: Taken to a Xol lab, Cassidy prepares to meet the one woman who’s never wanted her. It’s not clear why the scientist requires her now, but she hangs on to two hopes—that Luke has gotten away and is safe, and that the vial of genetic material they’d fought to protect is destroyed. Life isn’t fair, but she pushes aside the cruelty of losing Luke so soon after finding his love. Survival, however it may come, is imperative, because she refuses to fail in ending the diabolical “cure.”

Stranded in Mexico, Luke must contact the one person he’s always wanted to keep from danger. It doesn’t take much to convince his brother to be his backup in rescuing Cassidy from Project Xol’s team, and soon, the brothers follow her trail. Even with the help of the billionaire who’d once funded the research, it seems impossible to take down such a corrupt team hellbent on unethical experiments and producing something that can change the world forever.
Despite the odds against them, they can only fight until the end, hoping they have made it in time…
Given is the final book of the Project Xol series.
Genre: Romance


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