Ghost Shifters Series by R. A. Boyd (.ePUB)

Ghost Shifters Series by R. A. Boyd (.ePUB)

Ghost Shifters Series by R. A. Boyd (1-9)
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Overview: R.A. Boyd is a writer, and reader, of paranormal romance, horror and urban fantasy.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. The Shifter’s Wish – Widow Cass Stephens wants to mourn in peace. A freak snowstorm, and the fear of no snacks, drives her out into the cold and into the arms of two sexy shifters who may or may not want to rob her of her can opener.
Jax and Damon have been cursed. They need Cass to complete their Alpha Triad and awaken the dormant beasts within them. And they really need that can opener.
Acceptance from their Clan is enough stress, but Cass’s presence brings unease to the surrounding packs and they’re willing to start a war to stop the Triad from forming. Cass will either prove she’s strong enough to be part of the most powerful Triad the shifter world has ever known or die at the hands of those who are afraid to find out.

2. The Shifter’s Dream – Divorcee Riley Belton doesn’t want to fall in love. She’s finally free of her ex-husband and wants to focus on her new café.
Teague Durrell has been head over heels for Riley since she and her douchebag husband were newlyweds. He sees his chance to make her fall for him, but he’s afraid to awaken the beast dormant within him.
The magnetism between them is explosive, but the budding war between the Ghost Shifters and the surrounding shifter clans is still churning. Teague isn’t willing to sacrifice Riley’s safety for his feelings, but the ancient beast sleeping inside him isn’t giving him any other choice.

3. The Shifter’s Salvation – Audra Defoe’s slow descent into madness has finally reached the breaking point, but that doesn’t stop her from hoping that her mate will come and return her sanity. Her grace. It’s her only hope. If her happily ever after doesn’t show, she’ll be put under for the next century.
Zeke Santos has been warned to stay clear of the Ghost Shifters. Collect his ward, and get back to the Coven of the Fallen. In and out. Simple as that. All he wants is to do his job, but now the beautiful and insane Audra has roused a part of him he swore to never let free.
Can Zeke put her down before he’s completely under her spell, or will Audra’s beast force him to face a truth that he’s been running from since his fall from grace.

4. The Shifter’s Fight – Aiden Samuels is on the run. Well, kind of. He’s tired of watching his fellow fallen angel brethren and their mates make out. Gross. He can’t go too far, though. There’s a war coming to the Ghost shifter clan and the ring leader is a powerful archangel who enjoys making them suffer. That really sucks.
Rogue pack member Paige Harrison has been tasked with infiltrating the New Rose shifters who support the prehistoric saber-tooth cats, the Ghost shifters. They are monsters who plan on taking over the entire paranormal community— at least that’s what Paige has been raised to believe. One chance encounter with Aiden changes her mind and Paige learns that everything she has been taught was a lie.
Can Paige help stop the war that’s brewing between the dueling clans, or will she succumb to the teachings of a monster who taught her to fear for her very existence?

5. The Shifter’s Soul – Simon Nichols would rather give up his soul than go on a murderous rampage and be put to sleep for the next century. He gave up the most vulnerable part of himself to keep his clan safe, but now all he can feel is pain. He invites it. He craves it. But when he meets the curvy, silver-haired beauty who keeps threatening to break one of his vital body parts, he can’t help but want to feel more of everything she wants to offer.
Charlie Hinders can’t stop thinking of the rude, sexy, yeti of a man who keeps popping up to keep her from tripping over her own feet. Air and gravity are not her friends. She doesn’t want anyone asking about the life she left behind but that’s all Simon seems to be interested in.
Throw in a ghost in Simon’s house, sisters who intrude way more than is healthy, and a new threat to the Ghost Shifters that could snuff them out of existence for good… it’s going to be a busy week.

6. The Shifter’s Secret– “I gave you your beast back, Angel-Boy. Congratulations. It’s a cat.”
Emma Morgan restored a fallen angel’s grace and his ability to shift into a prehistoric beast. You think he’d be a tad more grateful and at least say goodbye. Emma has already had her heart broken too many times and isn’t ready to have the most gorgeous man she’s every laid eyeballs on stomp on her heart. Again.
Jace didn’t mean to shift and run. Now, he’s afraid to face the one woman who gave him everything he had been waiting for. Without her, his beast will go insane. He’s bound to be put down or go on a murdering spree. It’s still up in the air.
Fate has brought them together again, and the chemistry they share is undeniable. Can their already tumultuous relationship stand against the Rogue clan who are hunting Jace and a possessed fallen angel who can’t decide if he’s a good guy or a bad guy? Let’s see!

7. The Shifter’s Possession – “Every villain has a reason for being the bad guy, right?”
Ghost shifter Ronin Michaelson doesn’t want to be evil. The insane angel possessing him and controlling his actions says otherwise. So does the ancient prehistoric monster waiting to take over his body.
Too many voices in his head.
Fallen angel Willow Slade was tired of watching the shifters of the Ghost clan pair up and fall in love. She hoped and prayed more often than she was proud of that she would be next. She wanted to fall crazy in love, not fall in love with the crazy man who controlled the infamous Rogue clan.
She should have been more specific in her prayers.
The sparks between Willow and Ronin are explosive. With the Ghost shifters fighting for his sanity and the Rogue clan trying to free him, the only clarity for Ronin comes in the form of his mate, Willow— the curvy goddess of a woman who has the power to save his soul. Or end his life.

8. The Shifter’s Choice – A fallen angel’s inner beast falls for a woman who has the power to give them life or drive them to a century long sleep.
Andi Wolford knows she tends to attack first and ask questions later. The last twenty years have been rough! She wishes everyone would stop asking her why she looks so troubled. You’d be troubled too if you thought you were going to die an early death.
Cole Dodson was ready to be put down for the next century and sleep off the unbearable boredom that was driving him mad. He’d lived too long, seen too much. And now, he was tired. Until he runs into his Alpha’s sister, Andi: the feisty human who has his sleeping saber-tooth fighting Cole to hold on just a little longer.
Cole and Andi run hot to cold, sweet to sour, fuming ire to pillow-soft cuddles. Neither one of them knows what to expect when they see each other, but it sure is fun to watch. The chemistry between them is explosive, but is it worth the danger Andi would be inviting into her life if she stays within the Ghost shifter community?
With a foe that threatens to destroy the Ghost shifters, Cole and Andi must decide whether their budding relationship is worth the trouble, or if Cole should be put down and Andi should move on with her life.

9. The Shifter’s Past – All the ghosts of Bastian’s past are coming back to haunt him in a big way.
Nevada Pierson takes pride in being retired at only forty years old. But she’s bored. Being able to see ghosts isn’t as exciting as it sounds. Taking a job at the local pub seems like the right thing to do to keep busy, but the sexy shifter who always sits in her section makes her think there are other ways to pass the time.
Fallen angel Sabastian Booth is ecstatic to be the only unmated Ghost shifter in New Rose, Maryland. After millennia of roaming the earth, his beast is peacefully resting deep inside him, and neither of them is worried about finding a mate. His goal for this century is to protect the Alpha Triad of his clan. And to make up for the fact that he might be the reason his people are being hunted by the Rogue clan.
Moving on is tricky, but facing the past proves even more complicated when Sabastian finds the one woman who makes him want to forget the wrongs he has committed before he gets a chance to atone for them. Will he be the downfall of the Ghost shifters, or will his curvy goddess of a mate give him the strength to face his past and protect the future of his clan?

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9. The Shifter’s Past


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