Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure by Lisa Change (.ePUB)

Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure by Lisa Change (.ePUB)

Gender Swapped for Her Pleasure: (She Turned Him Into A Fembot Girl – A Tg Tale Of Sci-Fi Gender Transformation) by Lisa Change
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 125.5 Kb
Overview: On the rainswept streets of New Amsterdam, detective Zayne Swift is hot on the trail of the pleasurebots – synthetic humanoids illegally programmed to satisfy men’s every desires. But when his old adversary Madam Holly catches up with him, the detective quickly finds himself plunged headlong into a kinky nightmare.

His mind uploaded into the body of a busty blonde pleasurebot, Zayne is now trapped as the very thing he was trying to destroy! Renamed Zooey and programmed to please any man or woman who crosses his path, alpha male Zayne is about to find out what it’s like to be trapped as a literal sex object. Even worse, the men he is now desperate to seduce look horrifyingly familiar…

Will Zayne escape his beautiful synthetic body and regain his male form? Or will he find life as a gorgeous girl programmed for total obedience too pleasurable to resist?

Lisa Change’s latest transgender thriller is a pulse-pounding ride into the darkest depths of male desire. Join Zayne as he’s stripped of his manhood and mercilessly reprogrammed to serve the woman who ruined him, and discover the twisted thrill of being stuck as a beautiful, unthinking pleasure machine right alongside him…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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