Frankenstein’s Fair Lady by Anitra Lynn McLeod (.ePUB)

Frankenstein’s Fair Lady by Anitra Lynn McLeod (.ePUB)

Frankenstein’s Fair Lady by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 172 kb
Overview: He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with his own creation…

Innocent yet curious, necromancer Victor Frankenstein has overcome his father’s twisted legacy and made a place for himself reanimating departed pets. Despite the laws against resurrecting humans, Frankenstein uses his magical ability to restore life to a handsome young man.

Unfortunately, his creature is a wanted criminal and soon so is Frankenstein. Desperate, he turns to his good friend, Adelaide de Tourmaline, who agrees to help–at a price. Adelaide wants to transform his creature into a woman to trick those in high society who have snubbed her.

Training the intriguing Loren to pass as a woman puts Frankenstein in close contact, stirring feelings he has no idea how to manage. Torn between letting his creature go and keeping him near, Frankenstein tries to remain detached but discovers too late there is no logic to love. When his desire to protect his creature overshadows his own survival instinct, Frankenstein puts both their lives on the line. Will they survive an even deeper transformation or fall victim to the powerful forces of nature?
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


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