Four Novels in one Bundle by Sabrina Jen Mountford (.PDF)

Four Novels in one Bundle by Sabrina Jen Mountford (.PDF)

Femdom; The Beautician Trap; Male chasity; Forced femme by Sabrina Jen Mountford
Requirements: .PDF reader, 6.2 Mb
Overview: Perry has a secret kink, he longs to be locked in chastity by a beautiful but strict mistress. After a long time experimenting with self-locking and timed release systems he gets an interesting suggestion from a, ‘Mistress Wildfire’ who frequents his regular forums, Samantha suggests a way he could experience having a real life keyholder… It entails locking himself, then contacting a beauty therapist who specialized in male genital waxing, posing as his owner-mistress and asking for him to be secure, unbelted, then waxed bare on the groin, belted back up and sent home without the keys.

It all goes to plan, but the experience is too frustrating and painful for him to want to repeat and he decides never to put himself through this again. the trouble is when the keys don’t get sent back six weeks later at the agreed time… The plot thickens… Did his cheque bounce? Or is something more sinister afoot? How far will Nikki take her game of dominance, enforced chastity and forced feminization?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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