Forced Bonding Series by Brianna Blake (.ePUB)

Forced Bonding Series by Brianna Blake (.ePUB)

Forced Bonding Series by Brianna Blake (1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 570 kb
Overview: Brianna loves to create *steamy* stories. When she’s not writing, she’s walking her two golden retrievers and crocheting.
Genre: Erotic


1. College – In Chayl, a dystopian society, The Government decides everything.
Spankings are encouraged and required.
Society despises vanilla couples.
Everyone must find a partner for life.
Nobody leaves the College alone.
Natasha decides to challenge that, just to find herself caned, punished and humiliated.
But she’s fierce and she won’t give up.
Dylan aspires to have a perfect Daddy Dom relationship, like his best friends, Lucy and Oliver.
So he’ll try to show Natasha that being his submissive pays off.
And it will be rough.

2.Mansion – In Chayl, The Government decides everything and encourages spankings.
At College, everyone has to find a life partner. Otherwise, they’re joined with someone random.
It gets to an extreme when Dylan’s dad gets him a personal slave from an agency.
He could do anything he wanted to Emily, his slave. Spank, humiliate, and more.
But Dylan still has Natasha in his mind. And Lucy and Oliver have their own problems.
Will they finally find the perfect Dom/sub relationship?

3. Home – Natasha was arrested and Dylan was the only one that could help, even though he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.
He had his slave. His little girl. His bunny. Everything he ever dreamed on a relationship. There was spankings and many other naughty things.
But Natasha kept interfering, coming up from the past, a past he wants to forget.
What will he do to Natasha and Emily? Will they live happily ever after?

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3. Home


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