Forbidden Babysitter by Ana Lewin (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Forbidden Babysitter by Ana Lewin (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Forbidden Babysitter by Ana Lewin
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Overview: All Chantelle Foat wants to do is spend eight months working and saving money so that she can take control of her life back from her hovering father.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t expecting to feel drawn to her new boss. With no previous experience and no references, she was lucky to even get the job watching the twins of a billionaire. Losing it would be devastating, but she can’t help but stare whenever Mr. Swan is in the room. As tension builds between them, it’s all she can do to figure out whether or not he’s interested in her at all.

All Arthur Swan wants to do is hire a reliable babysitter for his twin three-year-olds so he can finally feel comfortable working late again.

Mr. Swan gets more than he bargained for when Chantelle shows up on his front step, not at all the clumsy young girl he remembered from five years before. His attraction to her is instantaneous, but he knows nothing can come of it. What would the tabloids say if Arthur Swan, owner of Swan Industries, started a relationship with a girl nearly twenty years his junior? How long would it take for Chantelle’s father to ruin both their reputations, and back out of all of their business dealings together? But most of all, can Arthur let himself love again after the tragic loss of his first wife?

As attraction builds and the past comes knocking, can they find a way to make their forbidden relationship work?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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