For the Sake of Love Series by Valentina Turner (.ePUB)

For the Sake of Love Series by Valentina Turner (.ePUB)

For the Sake of Love Series by Valentina Turner (1-3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 495 KB
Overview: A passionate romance story writer who loves reading romance stories since she was still studying high school. Hope you enjoy reading my books!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. False Addiction – Maybe, Love is All About Destiny…
Carl Moss is the heir to the fortunes and is the CEO of a social media app that is wildly popular.
He has been raised by his grandparents, Stuart and Louise who have been married for fifty-five years and made their fortune in real estate
Carl is bringing their fortunes into the new millennium. Carl works hard, but plays just as hard. Parties, strip clubs, anything. The only thing Carl likes more than women, is money.
When Grandpa Stuart has a heart attack, he orders that Carl clean up his life, or Carl will be cut off totally from the family fortunes. Carl will allow that. He decides he will do whatever he can to keep the fortunes.
Kitty Larson is fresh out of school with a mountain of debt and a sick father. She needs money, and she needs it fast.
She writes a passionate job application letter to the CEO of Hackit inc. and becomes Carl’s personal assistant.
Carl sees an opportunity in Kitty so he offers her a deal for her to become his fiancee for a quarter of a million dollars, she grabs it with open arms.

2. False Temptation – Abraham Tanner is a cold, ruthless CEO of a merger, acquisitions, and corporate debt collection firm.
In corporate circles, he is known as the Bounty Hunter by people who admire and respect him, and the Hellhound by those who have felt the edge of his sword before.
Jared Cross runs a small business that is projected to do well. It is a promising model, and the sharks have gathered. Abraham sees a considerable fortune in the deal, and he wants to win like he always does.
Then Jared’s twin sister, Simone who is shy and agoraphobic offers herself up as a sacrifice to save her brother’s company.
Abraham has lust on his mind; Simone has revenge on hers. Two people. One is doing it for love and the other doing it for money.

3. False Illusion – Same Name, Different Person, then Misunderstanding…
Sophia works in a party supply store.
One day, Nate, the CEO of a real estate company, comes into buy party supplies for a surprise birthday he is throwing for his mother.
He gets into conversation with Sophia as she tallies up his purchases.
Sophia has to leave him for one moment and go to the back of the store. As a new employee comes to attend to him, he overhears some music.
They are doing a small birthday celebration in the back of the store, and in a conversation with the staff attending to him, he finds out that Sophia is turning eighteen. He assumes it is the Sophia he is crushing on, and he gets upset and leaves.
Sophia gets confused. She puts it out of her mind and continues with her life. After all, she has graduation coming up.
On the night of her graduation, she goes with her friends to a bar to have some fun.
Then she meets Nate again…

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