Fit to Love Series by Tarin Lex (.ePUB)+

Fit to Love Series by Tarin Lex (.ePUB)+

Fit to Love Series by Tarin Lex (1-4)
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Overview:Tarin Lex writes short, sexy, romantic stories. She lives in the Big City but she’s a country girl at heart. Tarin is a sucker for the misunderstood Bad Boy—preferably of the hardworking, tattooed, blue-collar variety—and the sweet, curvy women who manage to tame them.
Genre: Romance


1. Killian – The one with the knockout artist.

2. Soldier – The one with the southpaw.

3. Drake – The one with the underdog.

4. Krae – The one with the accidental pregnancy.
My life in Manchester, England is a simple one. But it’s never been easy.
When a tall, dark, mysterious American approaches my bar one slow evening, he orders a lot more than a drink.
One night with him takes my simple life and flips it over. We threw caution to the wind and now I’m overjoyed to have his baby.
But that one night was meant to be just that: one night. I don’t know his phone number, his last name, or where he lives.
I’m thrilled to be a mum soon…and anxious to know how Krae will react, if I can ever find a way to contact him.
I knew I loved Candice the moment I set eyes on her. Two months after we spent one fantastic night together, I still can’t stop thinking about her.
With the help of my brother and sister-in-law, I get ahold of Candice. I just wanted to say hello and hear her voice. Maybe meet up again someday…
I’m lost for words when she tells me she’s pregnant. And I’m the father.
The crazy part? I’m not even scared. I’m happy to start a family with her.
The crappy part? Candice despises martial arts. I’m a lover and a fighter, but I’d never lay a hand on her.
I’m running out of time to convince her that she’s safe with me. They both are.

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4. Krae


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