Fantasies series by Cassandra Gold (.ePUB)

Fantasies series by Cassandra Gold (.ePUB)

Fantasies series by Cassandra Gold (Books 1~5)
Requirements: ePUB reader 3 MB
Overview: By day, I am a middle school teacher. I spend much of my time grading papers, filling out paperwork, and trying to get 6th- and 7th- graders to read.
When I am not at work, I can generally be found at the computer, dreaming up stories about men falling in love. When I have spare time (which is unfortunately not too often anymore!) I read romance of all kinds. Occasionally I pretend to do housework, but my hubby isn’t fooled!

*This series is connected mainly by the location and can be read in any order.*
Genre:Romance MM


New Years Eve
Is it the heat of the moment or is there more to it?
Eric Wright, assistant manager of the exclusive Fantasies resort, has always hated the holidays. After catching his lover cheating and transferring to Hawaii, he’s determined not to fall in love again.
Then a famous crime writer comes to stay at the resort and shows an interest in Eric. Will he find love at last, or just another heartbreak?

Independence Day
How much can you endure before you have had enough?
Can William find freedom and independence? At what cost?
Tired of his rich, controlling father running his life, William Wesley Barrington IV temporarily escapes by “running away” to the Fantasies resort. At Fantasies, he’s just Will Archer, a waiter who shares an apartment with surf instructor Ryan Steele.
Being free to live his life however he wants to is great. The strange feelings he’s beginning to have for his roommate are not.
Can Will figure out his feelings before the lies he’s spun come unraveled?

A vacation in Paradise, but is it?
For fifteen years, slacker Teddy Christopher and straight-laced Parker Denton have been best friends, despite the numerous scrapes Teddy has gotten them in. When Teddy invites Parker to come with him on a working vacation to check out a resort his father is considering buying to add to the Fantasies chain, Parker doesn’t hesitate to go.
Then an unexpected and unwelcome visitor from home arrives, and somehow Parker finds himself caught up in another one of Teddy’s wild schemes in order to get rid of her. Now Teddy’s acting strangely, Parker’s feeling things he shouldn’t be, and they’re both forced to play roles.
Can their friendship survive this vacation?

James Hastings is having a bad week. All he wants to do is buy a six-pack and spend an evening moping. Instead, he wins a weeklong trip to Hawaii, thanks to a young man at the liquor store.
Tattoo and piercing artist Travis Barton is surprised when the cute guy he helped out wins a trip and invites him to come along. Still, he’s not about to pass up a free trip to Hawaii. Despite how different he and James are, they find themselves drawn to each other.
Travis’s idea of a no-strings fling goes against James’s nature, but it might turn out to be just what he needs

Strings Attached
Travis’s idea of a no-strings fling goes against James’s nature, but it seems like a great way to make the trip even better.

Then their hot, uninhibited nights together start to blur into something more, and James starts to imagine Christmas ever after — Travis, with strings attached.
re-edited version of a book sold elsewhere under the title Fantasies: Christmas.

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