Family Business by Ace Gray (.ePUB)

Family Business by Ace Gray (.ePUB)

Family Business by Ace Gray (Mixing Business with Pleasure #3)
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Overview: Finding the one doesn’t always mean keeping them.
Kate Elliott and Nicholas Bryant’s relationship has been anything but easy. The best things in life never are. And finding each other, finding a soulmate, qualifies as extravagant, borderline absurd.
But holding on isn’t always about holding tight. Sometimes things, or people, slip through even the strongest grip…
The ghosts of both Nicholas’ and Kate’s pasts are haunting every facet of their lives. Enemies, both old and new, are weaving their tendrils around a couple usually trademarked by ecstasy. Sometimes the demons are a whisper; sometimes they have a vicious strangle hold. Nicholas and Kate finding their other half, against all odds, and despite explosive and electric tempers, won’t be the hard part. Staying alive may be all this family can ask for.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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