Fairy Tales Retold for RH Series by M.J. Marstens (.ePUB)

Fairy Tales Retold for RH Series by M.J. Marstens (.ePUB)

Fairy Tales Retold for RH Series by M.J. Marstens (1-2)
Requirements: epub reader, 2 mb
Overview: Bestselling author M.J. Marstens mixes romance, suspense, comedy, and sassy characters who can say whatever they are thinking because it is just a story. When she is not creating steamy scenes or laugh-out-loud fiascos, she is refereeing her three children that she homeschools.
Genre: Erotic


1. Adventures in Sugarland – Multiple alpha men, a submissive female, a bit of masochism, a dash of sadism, and a whole lot of lustful flavors are bound to spark your imagination and whet your appetite.
Join Graham Kra’quer and Anise Spyse, Royal Ambassadors of the Savory Citadel, as they travel to Sugarland. Get lost in the Embittered Forest. Become enslaved by the brothel witch, Mari. Suffer tragically and finally escape with the two stepsiblings to Sugarland. Meet Plumpy and his fetish for mouthwateringly plump women and Mr. Mint, with his refreshingly domineering ways. Flee from Lord Licorice and Jolly Rancher. Get rescued by Chester Nutt, the silver fox of Peanut Brittle Plains. Slowly trek through the Lollipop Woods with Prince Lolland to encounter Queen Frostine and his fetish for sexy men. Cross the Molasses Pits with the help of Toffy and finally enter the Candy Castle, where King Kandine rules.
But beware of the treacherous perils of the land and all its creatures.
Only King Kandine can release the magic of the collars Mari put on Graham and Anise, but there’s more than meets the eye about the brothel witch.
Much more.
Will Graham and Anise learn her secrets before she learns theirs?
Or will she come back to Sugarland with an army, ready to claim the stepsiblings and the kingdom?

2. Imprismed: Captured in Rainbowland – Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are the most treacherous.
When Alice chased the white rabbit down a bunny hole, she fell into Wonderland, but when Wynn Gealan chases the rainbow of her dreams, she falls into a vibrant hell. Because at the end of the rainbow, there isn’t a pot of gold, but six sexy, colorful men who slap handcuffs on her wrists and take her prisoner.
They claim it’s for her own good.They swear it’s to protect her.
Because somewhere over the rainbow. . .
Darkness waits.
Now, Wynn must fight to prove herself to these men.
Will her white light be enough to save everyone?
Or will the black shadows swallow her and all of Rainbowland whole?

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