Fair Trade (Bimbo Transformation #1) by Jocelyn Gray (.ePUB)+

Fair Trade (Bimbo Transformation #1) by Jocelyn Gray (.ePUB)+

Fair Trade by Jocelyn Gray (A Bimbo Transformation #1)
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 984.4 Kb
Overview: This is an erotic fantasy intended for adults only. If you are not interested in femdom erotica, please do not purchase this book.

I used to be a scientist: respectable, authoritative…maybe a bit domineering. People would listen to me because I sounded smart. I knew all the right words and phrases. More than that, I was able to build something spectacular. I built machine capable of rewriting human DNA, effectively making it possible to morph people.

It was going to be groundbreaking. I was going to have money, power, and fame. Everyone was going to know my name!

But this kind of technology requires funding. I turned to a man, the wrong man. When I couldn’t make progress fast enough, he demanded an example of what I might be able to accomplish. So I was going to show him. I was going to take my beautiful assistant, Natalie, and I was going to transform her into airheaded bimbo. But there’s just one problem.

She figured it out.

Before I get the chance to betray her, she uses my own technology against me. She transforms me from a man into a beautiful, blonde haired ditz. With bright blue eyes, long lashes, gorgeous breasts and a tight little butt, I’m a sexy bimbo! But that’s only the beginning. She’s taken away my intellect. As a dumb airhead, I’m about to get a new name and a new Master.

Natalie wants to continue my research. In order to do that, she’ll have to make a fair trade.

Warning: This 23,000 word story features elements of medical play, bimbo transformation, bondage, spanking, and public humiliation. All characters are consenting adults over the age of eighteen.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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