Ever Green Series by Lyra Evans (.ePUB)

Ever Green Series by Lyra Evans (.ePUB)

Ever Green Series by Lyra Evans (1-3)
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Overview: Lyra Evans has been making up stories since she was a kid and writing them down since her best friends informed her that was actually a career. Though plot and fantasy are what drive her worlds, she’s got a particular love for M/M romance that she can’t quite kick (though who would want to?).
Genre: Erotic Romance MM


1. Out of the Blue– Detective Niko Spruce has a love-hate relationship with pain. That is, he hates that he loves it. His last case was a success, but it turned his life upside down and taught him some things he wishes he could forget. The best way to move on is to close yourself off and pretend it never happened, right? So when he’s called to the beach for a body they can’t trace to any of the Three Courts with a cause of death no one can explain, Niko thinks he’s set. An impossible case to disappear into.
Only then Cobalt Sincloud shows up. Appearing out of the ocean, Cobalt is gorgeous, powerful, and mysterious. He claims to know the victim and identifies himself as a Selkie. Which is weird because as far as any Fae know, Selkies aren’t real.
Cobalt is exactly the kind of guy Niko knows can give him the pain he craves. He’s also determined to find the killer and gets himself assigned to the case. Now Niko’s got a politically charged murder to solve and a distracting partner who’s more than a little interested in him. To make matters worse, the investigation drives them back into Niko’s past, this case inextricably linked to his last. Questions pile up, and if Niko wants answers, he’s going to have to face down demons he thought he’d buried. And as the tension mounts, Niko starts to wonder if he should stop punishing himself and let Cobalt do it instead.
The stakes are high; the unsteady peace of the Three Courts is on the line. Can Niko and Cobalt trust each other enough to solve the mystery? Or will the reality of the investigation bring more pain than even Niko can handle?
Trigger warnings and possible spoilers: Blood, edgeplay including knifeplay and erotic asphyxiation, discussions of sexual and physical abuse, sex trafficking, and issues of consent.

2. Seeing Red – Detective Niko Spruce’s life is falling apart. The high-profile Courtiers he accused in his last case have gone unpunished. No one wants to believe his testimony. And he’s under investigation for his conduct on the case thanks to a complaint from convicted felon Sade Hemlock. To top it all off, the Court keeps pressing Niko for information on Cobalt Sincloud’s whereabouts…information Niko doesn’t have.
He hasn’t seen Cobalt in three months. The Selkie promised to return “soon,” but without a single word from him, Niko has lost hope. His heart hardening, he turns all his focus to proving the criminal conspiracy known as the Woods is still active. But when news comes that Sade has been released from prison, Niko shifts priorities to keep Sade under surveillance. A decision that leads Niko to an empty warehouse and Sade strung up—dead.
The world turns on its head, and Niko is on the run, the police accusing him—him—of the murder. Niko is forced to race against the entire police force to uncover the truth about the killing and the Woods. But when Cobalt reappears out of nowhere with another Selkie in tow, Niko finds he’s got too many questions and not enough answers.
What Niko really needs is the help and support of a partner, but as he and Cobalt try to reconnect, Niko fears they lost what they had. Facing a web of widespread corruption in his Court, Niko has nowhere to turn. With all the secrets lingering between them, can Niko trust Cobalt? Or is the question—can Cobalt trust Niko?

3. In the Black – Niko’s life is settling into a comfortable routine. Every morning he wakes to Cobalt, his gorgeous boyfriend, before spending the day trying to find answers to questions no one else is asking. With leeway from his Captain to investigate as he pleases, Niko somehow finds himself uncharacteristically happy. He should’ve known that wouldn’t last long.
The case he’s investigating is a missing person, and things get complicated fast. The victim was part of a secretive and reclusive group known as the Choir. Outsiders don’t have access to members, don’t even know where the Choir lives and operates. While one person tells Niko the victim disappeared under suspicious circumstances, everyone else seems to agree she just left on her own. But why would a young woman at the peak of her career just drop everything and leave? To find out the truth, Niko has to go where Cobalt planned never to return—Azure’s Court, deep in the ocean.
Playing as though he’s just curious about Cobalt’s former life as a Royal Guard, Niko questions Cobalt’s old friends. In doing so, he finds out much more than he bargained for about his lover’s past—including Cobalt’s ex. The more Niko uncovers, the more questions he has, both about the case and his relationship. He thinks finding out what happened to the victim will give him the answers he needs, but it might just force Niko to make the hardest choice of his life. What’s more important—justice or love?

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