Erotic Short Stories: Volume 2 by Lynn Hagen (.ePUB)+

Erotic Short Stories: Volume 2 by Lynn Hagen (.ePUB)+

Erotic Short Stories: Volume 2 by Lynn Hagen (The Lynn Hagen Collection #2)
Requirements: .ePUB/MOBI Reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed, but lovable. She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heart. You can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java, letting the next set of characters tell their story.
Genre: Romance, Erotic | MM


FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU’RE FIRED: Derek didn’t want to fill in for his twin who had broken his leg. What did he know about office work? Not a dang thing. But this was his twin’s dream job, so Derek pretended to be Chad, until the new boss figured out the ruse. He hadn’t even lasted a day.

BLUE SMURF: Drunk and looking to get laid, Sonny and his friend Mitch wander into a lounge filled with straight men. All Sonny wanted to do was shake up the place and have a bit of fun. What he hadn’t expected was to run into the hottest man he’d ever laid eyes on.

CRAVING HIS KISSES: Ever since meeting Snob…no Richard. That’s his name. Since meeting Richard at a lounge he is all Mitch can think about. When his friend invites him out, Mitch decides to go, unknowing that he would run into the very man he’s been dreaming about.

GEEK LOVE: Michael isn’t a partier. He’s more into books than booze. When his boss invites him to a dinner party, Michael reluctantly accepts. Little did he know that his boss’s grandson would be there to shake things up and show him how to let loose in the library.

MAGIC FINGERS: Jason works two jobs to not only support himself, but his nana. While at his office job, the man of his dreams walks in and Jason practically throws himself at the guy. A meeting room, a massage, and an invitation later and Jason is spoiled rotten.

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