Erotic Comics: A Graphic History (Vol 1 & 2) by Tim Pilcher (.ePUB)

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History (Vol 1 & 2) by Tim Pilcher (.ePUB)

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History (2 volumes) by Tim Pilcher
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Overview: Sold in multiple languages, six different countries, and out of print in the UK and US, this successful volume returns, updated and in paperback for the first time. Crammed full of exquisite art from around the world, with fascinating background stories about the artists, editors and publishers, Erotic Comics: A Graphic History examines how this much maligned art form developed into a publishing phenomenon that spans the globe. Volume 1 delves deep into comics history, from the bawdy English cartoons of the 17th century, through the strips impacted by the two World Wars, up to contemporary magazine titles such as Penthouse and Hustler. The book bulges with sassy postcards, provocative Tijuana Bibles, salacious pin-ups, shocking 50s bondage comics, cheeky cartoons and liberated 60s underground comix. Erotic Comics: A Graphic History is perfect for fans of adult comics, art history and erotic illustration
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Erotic Comics: A Graphic History

    Tim Pilcher author, writer
    Aline Kominsky Crumb writer, Foreword
    Alan Moore writer, Foreword
    Published by ILEX, 2011.

      This international survey of erotic comics chronicles a groundbreaking form of sexual expression up to 1970, the years when mainstream culture spurned explicit eroticism. In the 1930s, American “Tijuana Bibles,” little pornographic comic books that parodied popular comics and comic strips, were widely available. World War II gave a boost to erotic comics, especially illustrated pin-ups. This set the stage for men’s magazines such as Playboy, which included racy cartoons from the beginning, and fetish comics. The flowering of the counterculture in the next decade gave rise to underground comics, whose acknowledged master was Robert Crumb. A parallel development occurred in Europe, where erotic comics like Barbarella were suddenly the rage. Erotic Comics tells this story with hundreds of illustrations, informative text, and insights from key artists, writers, and publishers. It’s sexy, artistic, entertaining, intriguing, and informative.

About Author:

    Tim Pilcher is a pop culture expert and has worked in and around the comics industry for over 20 years as a writer and editor. He initially started as an assistant editor at DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, based in London, working on ground-breaking titles like The Extremist by Peter Milligan & Ted McKeever; Enigma and Face by Peter Milligan & Duncan Fegredo; The Mystery Play by Grant Morrison & Jon J Muth, Rogan Gosh by Peter Milligan & Brendan McCarthy; and Kill Your Boyfriend by Grant Morrison & Phillip Bond.

    In 1992 he co-founded of the bi-lingual comics publishing house, Les Cartoonistes Dangereux, with Paul Peart, Brad Brooks, Dylan Horrocks and others. They published several critically acclaimed one-off graphic novels in English and French, including White Death by Robbie Morrison & Charlie Adlard, The Malice Family by Fareed Choudhury, Aunt Connie and the Plague of Beards by Jonathan Edwards and the first appearance of Fred the Clown by Roger Langridge.

    He has written comics for the BBC, DeAgostini, Weldon Owen and the Young Telegraph and has worked for numerous book publishers including Penguin Children’s Books and Dorling Kindersley.

    As a journalist he has written for Deadline, Comic World, Tripwire, Education Today, Comics Forum, Criminal Justice Matters and G-Spot Magazine and Star Trek Magazine. Pilcher became an associate editor at Comics International, the UK’s then-only comic book trade paper, alongside Dez Skinn. Pilcher has written numerous books on comics including The Complete Cartooning Course and The Essential Guide to World Comics with Brad Brooks. He has also contributed to numerous other books including, Comix: The Underground Revolution, 500 Comicbook Action Heroes, The Slings and Arrows Comic Guide (1st Edition), 500 Essential Graphic Novels and War Comics: A Graphic History. His Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Volumes 1 & 2,were the first serious survey of this genre in over 20 years. The books have been translated into French, German, Polish and Czech and were Publication of the Year finalists in the 2010 UK Erotic Awards.

    He regular gives talks on everything from Tijuana Bibles, Indian comics, the history of Ecstasy and other esoteric subjects, and is currently commissioning editor at Ilex Press and is the Chair of The Comic Book Alliance (, a not-for-profit organisation and “The Voice of the British Comics Industry” promoting books, graphic novels, webcomics and sequential art in its many forms. He occasionally updates his intermittent blog, Sex, Drugs and Comic Books (

    He has also written several non-comic related books including: Pilcher’s Marijuana Miscellany, e: The Incredibly Strange History of Ecstasy, Spliffs 2 & 3, and the bestselling The Cannabis Cookbook.

    He successfully published his Kickstarter memoir of working at Vertigo UK called Comic Book Babylon: A Cautionary Tale of Sex, Drugs and Comics in November 2013. He performed the book as a one-man show at 2014’s Brighton Fringe Festival and was nominated for Best Literary Event Award.

    He lives in Brighton, England.

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