Elemental Dragons Series by Jada Cox (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Elemental Dragons Series by Jada Cox (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Elemental Dragons Series by Jada Cox (1-5)
Requirements: epub reader, 961 kb
Overview:Jada Cox is completely in love with three things: her adorable little son, her handsome bear shifter of a husband, and writing shifter romance stories. For some reason, she’s lucky enough to have all three of those in her life!
Genre: Romance


1. The Dragon’s Nanny – I’m used to taking charge.
I must be strong, because no one else will if I’m not.
But my strength is about to be tested by our gorgeous new housemate.
My little girl’s nanny.
I have this bizarre desire to kiss away all of her pain.
To mark her as no one has before.
This urge to explore every inch of her.
If anyone harms so much as a hair on her head, I’ll break their bones.
She makes my furious beast rise to the surface.
My Dragon fights for control, no matter how hard I wrestle it down.
It wants to discover if she tastes as good as she smells.
It wants to claim her.
And I might just let it.
Because I want the world to know, that in every sense of the word, she is mine.

2. The Dragon’s Baby – I hate him.
He got the job that I wanted.
And what’s worse, he’s now my boss.
He’s a wall of muscle, and his massive body ripples with strength.
But I’m determined to keep things professional, so all he’ll ever be to me is eye candy.
The man both infuriates and entices me with his mere presence, and I do my best to avoid him without sabotaging my work.
The problem is that my traitorous body wants to taste every muscled inch of him.
It wants to heat up the trail of fires that his touch leaves.
It wants to fuel his feral sounds, more beast than man.
So I succumb to his pile of deliciousness. Just once.
Everything about him feels so right.
But there’s no such thing as fate.
He’s my boss, after all.
And I’m carrying his baby.

3. The Dragon’s Surrogate – I want a baby, not a mate.
My heart shattered a long time ago, and I’ve sworn I’ll never love again.
I’ve got a serious problem, though.
The surrogate carrying my baby makes my dragon purr like a kitten.
The problem reaches epic proportions when I find myself around her more often than I anticipated.
I want much more from her than just what’s outlined in our contract.
It takes all of my concentration not to knock the table over and have my way with her.
Just thinking about the way her hips sway has me drooling.
This woman is going to be the death of me.
But I don’t care.
Because I know exactly what I want from her.
I want her everything.
Or nothing at all.

4. The Dragon’s Pretend Girlfriend – I agreed to be a dragon’s pretend girlfriend.
It’s supposed to help us both: him to get a promotion, and me to escape my overbearing dad.
But I’m in trouble, deep trouble.
Because I’m enjoying this way too much.
Every time he pulls me close, I forget that this whole thing is a ruse.
Every time we dance, I forget that this is fake.
Every time he smiles at me, I forget that he doesn’t see me for the woman that I am.
He’s just my brother’s best friend, and he’s not interested in me.
It’s like sweet, delicious torture.
And if it continues for too long, I won’t know how to convince my heart that it’s not real.
Because it isn’t, right?
The things he says aren’t real, and the way he looks at me isn’t real.
But the longer we keep this up, the more I have to ask myself:
Is he pretending when he kisses me senseless?
Is he fighting his instincts like I am?
Does he think that all of this is a mistake?
Or is this dragon going to claim me for real?

5. The Dragon’s Three Mates – I’ve been chosen to become the new dragon queen.
I don’t get a say in it, but it comes with one upside: three mates.
Three strangers to have and to hold, to love and to cherish.
Three Very Hot Dragons to ogle and to admire as I please.
They have to get me to a secret island for a sacred ritual.
There are all kinds of things that could go wrong.
But I know that I’m safe in their strong and muscled arms.
They’ll protect me from the danger that’s coming our way.
There’s one thing that I can’t quite comprehend, though.
I’m supposed to deliver a baby that will liberate all of dragonkind.
Three mates, and one baby.
How does that even work?

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5. The Dragon’s Three Mates


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