Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines ~ EbookFree.net

Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines ~ EbookFree.net

Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines Book Pdf Free DownloadElectromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines By U A Bakshi, A V Bakshi

Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines is Gtu Reference e book for B.tech  Electronics and Communications Engineering Department College students in Engineering Second 12 months by U A Bakshi, A V Bakshi.

Electrostatics – I : Coulomb’s legislation, Electrical discipline depth – Fields as a consequence of completely different cost distributions, Electrical flux density, Gauss legislation and purposes, Electrical potential relations between E and V, Maxwell’s two equations for electrostatic fields, Power density, Illustrative issues. Electrostatics – II : Convection and conduction currents, Dielectric fixed, Isotropic and homogeneous dielectrics, Continuity equation, Rest time, Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations; Capacitance – parallel plate, Co-axial, Spherical capacitors, Illustrative issues. Magnetostatics : Biot-Savart legislation, Ampere’s circuital legislation and purposes, Magnetic flux density, Maxwell’s two equations for magnetostatic fields, Magnetic scalar and vector potentials, Forces as a consequence of magnetic fields, Ampere’s drive legislation, Inductances and magnetic vitality, Illustrative issues. Maxwell’s Equations (Time Various Fields) : Faraday’s legislation and transformer e.m.f.,

Inconsistency of Ampere’s legislation and displacement present density, Maxwell’s equations in several last varieties and phrase statements. Circumstances at a boundary floor : Dielectric-dielectric and dielectric-conductor interfaces. Illustrative issues. EM Wave Traits – I : Wave equations for conducting and good dielectric media, Uniform airplane waves – Definition, All relations between E and H. Sinusoidal variations. Wave propagation in lossless and conducting media, Conductors and dielectrics – Characterization, Wave propagation in good conductors and good dielectrics, Polarization, Illustrative issues. EM Wave Traits – II : Reflection and refraction of airplane waves – Regular and indirect incidences, For each good conductor and good dielectrics, Brewster angle, Important angle and whole inside reflection, Floor impedance, Poynting vector and Poynting theorem – Purposes, Energy loss in a airplane conductor. Illustrative issues. Transmission Lines – I : Varieties, Parameters, Transmission line equations, Main and secondary constants, Expressions for attribute impedance, Propagation fixed, Section and group velocities, Infinite line ideas, Losslessness / low loss characterization, Distortion – Situation for distortionlessness and minimal attenuation, Loading – Sorts of loading. Illustrative issues. Transmission Lines – II : Enter impedance relations, SC and OC strains, Reflection coefficient, VSWR, UHF strains as circuit components,l/4, l/2, l/eight strains – impedance transformations, Singificance of Zmin and Zmax, Smith chart – Configuration and purposes, Single and double stub matching, Illustrative issues.

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Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines ~ EbookFree.net


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