Dreamer by Michel Prince, Wren McCabe (.ePUB)

Dreamer by Michel Prince, Wren McCabe (.ePUB)

Dreamer by Michel Prince, Wren McCabe (The Steel MC Montana Charter #7)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 313 kB
Overview: In Book Seven of the Steel MC Montana Charter-Meadow Lind knows how to make anything beautiful, with her lens, paint brush, pencil or in her own mind. Her current boyfriend is passionate, although others confuse it with abuse. She’s covers the bruises from those fits of passion until Dell from the Steel MC New Mexico Charter sees the truth and pulls her from an assault even Meadow couldn’t whitewash.

Christopher “Freaky” Anderson wasn’t sure what he was getting into when he joined the Steel MC’s Montana Charter. Newly founded, he worried he was on the same unstable ground he’d been when he joined the guard. Never truly finding the home, only years later a family was forming around him. When a new MC rolls into town wanting a parley there’s a chance for new line of income. One that won’t have him breaking his back, but half the club is vetoing the opportunity.

When a flighty Dreamer named Meadow comes to town Freaky’s push for more is flipped into overdrive. Hoping to claim the woman setting his world on tilt, yet somehow righting it in a way he never thought possible. The copper hair beauty gets distracted and lost in her own dreams, each time pulling Freaky into a place where he finds not only himself, but love deep enough to support a home.

When Meadow’s ex shows up determined to be the last man she’ll ever love, until her very last breath will all Freaky’s dreams vanish in one final passionate battle?
Genre: Romance


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