Dream Siren Series by DeAnna Kinney (.ePUB)

Dream Siren Series by DeAnna Kinney (.ePUB)

Dream Siren Series by DeAnna Kinney (1-2)
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Overview: DeAnna Kinney is what you could call an eclectic writer at its best. If she can dream it, she can write it. Her main focus is YA Paranormal but also writes New Adult and Adult Romance, Action Adventure, Children’s books, and even an Apocalyptic Christian Thriller Romance.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Emerald Moon – From the beginning of their existence, the vampires and werewolves have been at war; a war Emerald Cutler soon finds herself thrust in the midst of.
Growing up in foster care, Emerald never knew her real parents. She just assumed she was a normal girl, but she was wrong. Unfortunately, she will learn through a series of harrowing events, that she alone holds the key to ending the war. But not all wish the war to end.
Ren Calaway, a mysterious mercenary, has trained most of his life for his mission; protecting the one who would end the war. But safeguarding the feisty beauty will prove to be more perilous than his training ever prepared him for.

2. Dream Siren – A new nightmare begins.
With the vampire/werewolf war now ended, Emerald and Ren can finally enjoy their budding relationship and the hopes of a bright future together. That is until Emerald’s dream reveals a new threat, this one from the fae. Ren will once again put his feelings aside in order to defend the woman he loves, but will an obligation from his past jeopardize everything, costing him the only true love he’s ever known? Only time will tell as our heroes brace themselves for the looming battle of the fae, and Emerald becomes desperate to perfect her abilities in the hopes of aiding them.

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1. Emerald Moon

2. Dream Siren


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