Draconian Warriors Series by Juno Wells (.ePUB)

Draconian Warriors Series by Juno Wells (.ePUB)

Draconian Warriors Series by Juno Wells (1, 4-9)
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Overview: uno Wells grew up on Florida’s Space Coast, watching the shuttles take off from Cape Canaveral. When she hit college, her childhood fantasies about space travel turned highly romantic.
Genre: Romance


1. Alien Warrior’s Captive Bride – Every now and then, when all the planets are in proper alignment, fate smiles on one lone warrior.
Earth is no longer able to support human life and trying to scratch out a meager existence is nearly impossible. Hope is reluctantly forced to sign up for the intergalactic brides program. Just as she’s getting desperate, she finds a tolerable species willing to purchase her contract.Because nothing is ever that easy, her ship get hit by raiders and Hope can’t manage keep her big mouth shut when their alien captors begin tormenting one of the younger women. Jettisoned into space, her one and only chance at survival is in the hands of a Draconian warrior.
Larok is a lone sentinel, standing guard for his mother ship. When he comes across a frail human queen, his world tilts out of alignment. Saving her means a nasty death if his vicious Draconian queen finds out he rescued her. Risking his own life is one thing, but risking the life of his entire family and small son is another. Snagging the beautiful human out of harm’s way results in battling against the Draconian fleet, destroying a planet and stealing a wormhole device that’s their only chance at escape. Larok finds himself forced to reach his hand into the dragon’s mouth, desperate to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. By the time it’s all finished, he will either die in the glorious battle of a lifetime or end up mated to the most attractive human female in the galaxy.

4. Alien Hero’s Claimed Bride – Abducted from Earth and now I’m being sold…
Stranded and alone in a sector of space ruled by vicious queens, I’m losing hope of ever finding freedom. After being abducted, all I wanted was to escape from the aquatic species trying to sell me on the open market. They feed me cold slop every day, rough me up when I don’t do what they want, and keep me in a cage with standing room only.
One day, somehow, I’m going to turn the tables and I’ll put them in this same dirty cage. Making that happen is all I think about, because thinking about my life on Earth is too painful. They snatched me right when everything was going to hell in hand-basket.
Humans had finally organized to fight against the environmental disasters making the planet uninhabitable. I was pulling core samples on a mountain top when the aliens came for me. As it is, Earth needs me much more than the horrible aquatics intent on using me to line their pockets.
Being one of millions of warriors in the Draconian fleet makes me insignificant and dispensable. Our Queens don’t value our contributions and see us as expendable. I’ve lost my father and my brothers have been assigned throughout the fleet. I’m alone,
another faceless warrior for the cause.
All that changes when I see an alien Queen being auctioned in the city square. It makes my blood boil to see her with her hands tied above her head and her clothing ripped, exposing her pale, ripe body. When she struggles to escape, I imagine her moving on top of me in the same way. May the goddess forgive me for such deviant thoughts about the delicate and helpless Queen.
When her eyes lock with mine and she calls to me, nothing in the verse will keep me from coming to her rescue. Not even the fury of my own chain of command will keep me from her.
She is going to be mine.

5. Alien Protector’s Rescued Bride – When hope is dimmest, a ray of light breaks through…
Being abducted from Earth was terrifying. When the fish-headed, aquatic aliens took me I knew I was in trouble. Thankfully I was raised to be a fighter.
I’ve struggled against my captors at every turn but how many times can a girl get beat down before coming to realize you can’t win? It’s wearing me down and I’m finally coming to realize there’s no Prince Charming coming to rescue me.
I can’t give up though, not yet. In a desperate attempt I join up with another girl from Earth and this time I’m either getting free or else. There is no other option, I can’t live like this.
Then the floor shakes and winged demons from hell invade. At least they’re fighting the aquatics but is this a rescue or am I trading one master for another?
In this battle it’s not just my life at stake, this time my heart is on the line too.
Another mission, one more battle. Maybe this will be my last, maybe not. I can’t bring myself to care anymore.
Being bigger than all the other warriors my entire life has been one lone string of abuse. The other males pick fights with me to prove how tough they are and the Queens abuse me because I’m so big I always stand out. All they see is the giant, none of them see the person I am.
None of them see my dreams or my desire to be accepted. How I want someone to love me for me. Even my one friend barely sees because in this world I have to hide that part of me away.
There is no compassion in my world. There is nothing to live for except to fight. Go to the next battle and see if this time it’s my last. It doesn’t matter, there is no other end for me. Sooner or later, it will happen and I’ve accepted it. At least then my suffering will end.
Until this mission. Until I meet the human female Daisy. Then everything changes. I’ll fight all of them to save her, to make her mine. She is the light in my universe and I’m not going to let it fade

6. Draconians Queen – Sold from one species to another isn’t the dream I had when I signed up for an alien husband…
The promise of being electronically matched with a wealthy, handsome alien husband and going from a dying Earth to a new, healthy world seemed like an impossible dream. After securing a successful match, I left with my meager possessions and dreams of starting over.
Instead of a better life, our transport ship was raided and was abducted. Everyone else was sold off at various stops until there was no one left but me. When my turn came, I fought to escape but failed miserably. Every species in the ‘verse is bigger, stronger and more dominant than humans. I never stood a chance.
Sold from one species to another, I finally managed to slip away and quickly learn that escaping was the easy part. Actually surviving, turns out to be much more challenging. Only one alien will help me and we survive by watching each other’s backs.
I attract the notice of a group of Draconian warriors. They speak my language and tell me in no uncertain terms what they want to do with me. Four drop dead gorgeous aliens wanting a mate would seem like a dream come true, except each of them is extremely dominant and I’m not sure if this is just another way of being owned. I’ve had enough of being considered a possession to last a lifetime. Bumping into me in the marketplace doesn’t make me a pretty trinket.
The bigger problem is, I’ve got a soft spot for men who make me feel safe and I’m growing more enamored of them with each interaction. When they call me their Queen, I can’t help fantasizing about allowing them to properly worship me. Those thoughts make me a bad, bad girl. Between avoiding my abductors and teasing the Draconian warriors, it’s been nonstop action. When the adrenaline rush finally wears off I realize that I have to end this before I end up enslaved again.

7. Alien Savage’s Stolen Bride – Rebecca
While fleeing a dying Earth I’ve endured cold, hunger and thirst. The one bright spot in my nightmare is my friend and fellow red-head, Willow. I’ve never had a friend like her before, one who I’d do anything for and she’d do the same for me.
We’re traveling to the Draconian home-world to accept an offer of sanctuary. Of course nothing in the universe is free. The price doesn’t seem so bad, pick out a Draconian male to be your mate. It’s better than starving to death, right?
When we get to their planet the task seems like it should be easy. There are lots of warriors and every one of them is obsessed with us. They call us the fiery-haired queens and make a big deal of us. It’s not going too bad until one day Willow disappears.
I’m not going to let her go. I’ll do whatever it takes to find her. Even go with a primitive, scarred Draconian warrior who’d be my last choice of mates. Except he knows where she is and without him, there’s no hope.
I’m of the old blood. There is less humanoid mixed into my native dragon blood. The human queens tend to turn away from me. They mistake my high-strung manner for feral aggression.
I’ve resigned myself to not having a queen of my own. I’m exiled from the city because of my aggressiveness, but still I love its beauty. So I fly over to a spot I’ve claimed in the nearby trees where I like to perch and admire the beautiful spirals. I sit and I dream of building my own spirals, that somehow I could have a queen of my own to build it for.
When I arrive at my spot and find a fiery-haired queen there, I try to make her understand it is mine. The queens own everything, though, and she wants me to take her into the mountains. She tells me of her lost friend and how she must save her.
Her loss makes my heart ache and I want to help her. Her lush form attracts me, igniting desire, and my dragon nature. Reluctantly I agree to take her on the journey.
I’ll have to remain alert and move fast if I am to keep her safe from the shadowy enemy stalking her. We have to save her friend but before this is done it’s my heart that will need saved.

8. Alien Defender’s Chosen Bride – Willow
I risked everything to escape Earth. As chance would have it I made it to a Draconian vessel. The Dragon warriors take on all comers, even women like me who are young, uneducated and unbeknownst to me, carrying a plague to their world.
They say ignorance is bliss and in my case it’s the literal truth. Prior to finding out I’m infected, I was happily hunting for a compatible age mate and planning my happily ever after.
No sooner do I find Mr. Right than I get my diagnosis and watch all my dreams blow away, like dandelion seeds scattering in the wind.
When a beautiful young queen lays claim to me, I wish for things I never wondered about before. I crave her smiling face and her laughter. When she makes the human kiss with me, possessive instincts rise to the forefront of my consciousness.
When we discover she is infected with a dangerous parasite, I’ll do whatever is necessary to see her healed, but my family and the healers aren’t doing nearly enough to save her life. I’ll go to any length to get what she needs.
When word leaks out of her infection, an angry mob forms, furious that she has brought a plague to our world. If I can get her back to Stone Mountain, we’ll be safe. I’ve got to sit up, pay attention and make sure she’s safe because a world without her isn’t a place I want to be.

9. Alien Barbarian’s Queen – I do not desire death, but if that is my destiny to protect my Queen, then so be it…
After the fall, homeless folks like I became were shut out of the system. Not even my medical degree saved me from the fate so many experienced. Living rough with a group of women and children, we end up attached to a roving military unit when hostile aliens attack Earth. They’re taking women by force to use in medical experiments.
I’m left with two goals. Stay alive and see that the eight year old girl I’ve adopted survives long enough for help to arrive.
When women start falling ill to some unknown contagion which makes them irrationally aggressive, we have to move twice as fast to avoid contracting it. I don’t even know where to turn for help.
When a Draconian ship lands, and hundreds of warriors pour out, I can’t help being suspicious. Are they friend or foe? One or the other, I’m not taking any chances with my little girl counting on me to keep her safe.
I left our home world looking for action and adventure. What I found was the Queen of my heart with a tiny queen of her own. Though I wished for battle scars to mark me as a warrior of worth, I got wounds to my heart as these two cleave their way into my affections.
I am a foolish male to make myself their protector during times of war. Their world is under siege by vicious parasites and their Moltan handlers. Every day is filled with endless fighting, danger looms near the Queens of my heart as my comrades fall around me.
I am the only thing that stands between my Queens and a fate worse than death. I don’t want to die but I will do whatever it takes to protect my Queens. If death is my destiny then so be it.

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9. Alien Barbarian’s Queen


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