Doctor’s Orders Series by Brittany Dreams (.ePUB)

Doctor’s Orders Series by Brittany Dreams (.ePUB)

Doctor’s Orders Series by Brittany Dreams (1-5)
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Overview: Brittany has always had a flare for writing about contemporary and fantasy romance. She fell in love with writing at a very young age and her love grew to include Western Billionaire Fantasy Romances.
Genre: Romance


1. Dr. Dawson – Some people never learn…
Some people are destined to make the same mistake over and over again.
I was one of those people, and definitely when it came to Dr. Ryan Dawson.
Dr. Ryan Dawson, the uber sexy surgeon with his panty melting smile.
Dr. Gorgeous. Dr. Perfect. Dr. Everything.
Call him whatever you want, he was sinful temptation any woman with eyes would be attracted to.
Definitely what the doctor ordered.
He was also my mentor…
That meant off limits to me.
My life was already complicated enough. So there was no reason on earth for me to make things worse by falling for him.
I was only supposed allow him to take me through my first year of residency and help me get that much closer to my career goals.
Not fall into bed with him every chance I got.
It’s all I can think of as things heat up between us, but I can’t resist him.
Even when I know being with him could land us both in trouble.

2. Dr. Sawyer – St. Michael’s Hospital. Home of the sexiest doctors known to man.
It was the place where perfection came in the form of Dr. Devon Sawyer.
His sexy charm, the body of a Greek god, and the masterpiece of a man he was.
Definitely perfection.
We met in our intern year.
He tossed a coin and it landed on heads, and I played a game of truth or dare.
We were a match made in heaven.
Or, so I thought until he left me.
It finished me off when I got an invitation to his wedding a year later.
It took all the strength in me to accept the invite.
After all, we were friends first before we became lovers.
It took even more strength, however, not to fade away when he came back three months before the wedding and told me it was off.
Then he asked me to come back to him.
It’s come full circle, back to the point where we parted.
The problem was me…
I couldn’t tell him I loved him because I was worried he’d hurt me.
Falling for him once felt like a mistake.
What will falling for him twice do to me now I know what it’s like for him to break me?

3. Cole – Shouldn’t…
I hated that word. I truly did.
It was what she had always been to me. She was a shouldn’t.
Off limits
Laila was always off limits to me.
I shouldn’t have had last night with her.
I just didn’t know if I could resist her…again.

4. Dylan – Dylan Taylor
Like every other woman here I’ve fallen under the damn spell of him.
He places his hands either side of me blocking my escape and my heart stills.
I press my head back against the wall when he leans in close and lingers right
there. Inches away, a kiss away. So close our lips should meet.
The force that compels them to meet is like wild electricity. It’s so wild I almost
believe I could touch it and it would burn me.
Heat flushes straight through my body when he moves to my ear and his
warm breath tickles my skin.
Wild fire instantly courses through me.
Fire fueled with electricity designed to scorch and burn from the inside out.
The kind of fire you know you can’t put out.
It consumes me, enticing me to do what I want to do.
Touch him and taste him…

5. Nick – He’s my best friend. And now, he wants me to be my lover.
Nick Andrews is the stuff dreams are made of.
Insanely handsome, and so charming. It should be a crime.
He’s the playboy the women swoon over, and the ace of hearts.
We’ve been best friends from the dawn of time.
Him the celebrity football player, and me the doctor.
It worked perfectly because I knew we’d never be more than friends.
Even if I wanted more…
As the years went by I got good at keeping my feelings under control and stuck to the rules of friendship.
Until one drunken night changed it all.
That one night we broke the rules together, blurring the lines between friendship.
Now he wants more.
He wants me.
I want more too.
I want him.
Friends, or lovers?
The rules no longer apply to us.
But I know I shouldn’t be with the playboy.
I’ve been through too much heartache to play love’s fool again.
Can I trust my best friend not to break me?

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