Demigods Of New York Series by Amira Rain, Samantha Snow (.ePUB)+

Demigods Of New York Series by Amira Rain, Samantha Snow (.ePUB)+

Demigods Of New York Series by Amira Rain, Samantha Snow (1-6)
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Overview: Samantha Snow is an NYT bestselling paranormal romance author. She particularly likes to enjoy writing a good vampire romance for adults especially.
Genre: Romance


1. House Of Gods – One moment I was broke and homeless.
The next, I was living in a Manhattan penthouse with 4 demigods who all wanted to please me as much as they could.
Funny how life turns out right?
When the gorgeously handsome Brandt Ridley offered cute Brenna Evans a place to stay after she was made homeless she could not say no
And she could not believe her eyes when she stepped inside his beautiful New York City penthouse apartment and met his three stunningly handsome housemates.
Brenna felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world.
Little did she know, none of this was luck. It was design.
Brandt and his friends were all demigods with special superpowers who were seeking a human female to produce an extra special child for them.
And Brenna was perfect for the job.
However, she could only choose one of the men to be the father of her baby and she would have to live with all of them until her decision was made…

2. House Of Gods 2: The Baby – Falling in love with four demigods is the least of her worries now that she’s pregnant with a powerful child wanted by the gods.
Brenna Evans never imagined this was how her life would turn out.
Pregnant and on the run from hunters wanting to kill her unborn child, Brenna accepts the protection of the demigod Brandt Ridley and his three friends, any of whom could be the father of her child.
As Brenna struggles to make the difficult choice of selecting a mate from the four men, the prophecy surrounding her child changes, throwing her life into further chaos. The Goddess Freya and the God Lopt become locked in a battle to claim Brenna and her gifted baby, complicating things for Brenna and the decision she must make.
But that’s not all. As the baby grows, the stronger it becomes, and now its destructive powers have transferred to Brenna who must learn to control her new abilities before they consume her.

3. House Of Gods 3: The Vision – After Lopt’s revelation it was clear that life was about to change for everyone involved. However, when Brenna awakens she reveals that she had a vision.
A vision, which if true, could change all their lives as they currently know it and leave Brenna with an IMPOSSIBLE decision to make…

4. House Of Gods 4: Resurrection – After the shocking finale at the end of the last book, the big question is, who lives and who dies?

5. House Of Gods 5: Revolution – The revolution is here.
As Matt returns to New York to meet with Helia he is unaware of the grave consequences that his actions would bring. As the gang search for answers, they soon discover that they are encroaching on a revolution that will pit the people of Alfheim against each other…

6. House Of Gods 6: The Reveal – The next chapter begins here…
As Lopt comes to terms with Freya’s death, he faces a new challenge that he must overcome. Especially, as he learns more about Celeste.
Meanwhile, the dark powers of Cai and Leif are revealed and a war between the three powerful rulers begins…

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6. House Of Gods 6: The Reveal


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