Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) ~

Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) ~

Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) Book Pdf Free DownloadData Structure GTU Book By A. A. Puntambekar

Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) is Gtu e-book for Gujarat Technological College Pc Science And IT College students in Engineering by A. A. Puntambekar. DS Gtu e-book free obtain.

It incorporates following chapters :

1. Introduction to Data Structure
Data administration ideas, Data sorts – primitive and non-primitive, Efficiency evaluation and measurement (Time and area analysts of algorithms –
Common, greatest, and worst-case evaluation). Kinds of information buildings – Linear and non linear information buildings.
(Chapter – 1)

2. Linear Data Structure
Array: Illustration of arrays, Functions of arrays, Sparse matrix, and its illustration. Stack: Stack-Definitions and ideas, Operations on stacks, Functions of stacks, Polish
expression. Reverse polish expression and their compilation. Recursion. Tower of
Queue: Illustration of queue, Operations on queue, Round queue, Precedence queue, Array illustration of precedence queue, Double ended queue, Functions of queue.
Linked record: Singly linked record. Doubly linked record. Round linked record. Linked implementation of stack, linked implementation of queue, Functions of linked record.
(Chapters – 2. 3, 4, 5)

3. Nonlinear Data Structure
Tree-definitions and ideas, Illustration of binary tree, Binary tree traversal (lnorder, Postorder, Preorder).Threaded binary tree, Binary search bushes, Conversion of normal bushes to binary bushes, Functions of trees- Some balanced tree mechanism, e.q. AVL bushes, 2-Three bushes, Top balanced, Weight steadiness. Graph-matrix illustration of graphs, Elementary graph operations. (Breadth first search. Depth first search. Spanning bushes. Shortest path. Minimal spanning tree). (Chapters – 6, 7)

4. Hashing and File Constructions
Hashing: The image desk, Hashing features. Colllsion decision methods.
File construction: Ideas of fields, Information and information, Sequential, Listed and relative I random file group, Indexing construction for index information, Hashing for direct information, Multi-key file group and entry strategies. (Chapters – 8, 9)

5. Sorting and Looking out
Sorting – Bubble kind, Choice kind, Fast kind, Merge kind looking out – Sequential search and binary search. (Chapter- 10)

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Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) ~


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