Dark River by AR Keo (.MOBI)

Dark River by AR Keo (.MOBI)

Dark River by AR Keo
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 801 KB
Overview: Sitting in a dungeon, miles below the surface of the earth is not the ending she anticipated. Nor is coming face to face with some very lethal dark elves, but Vanadey Adara is particularly good at finding trouble.

Van is not having a pleasant day, but things take a surprising turn when an unconscious dark elf is dragged in by his kin. Some rather unpleasant orks have two prisoners to play with now. Everyone knows dark elves are notorious killers, wicked and malevolent in their ways. That fact becomes irrelevant when you are sitting in a cage waiting to die, and the only option presented is to escape with one.

…Sometimes the hardest battle is against yourself.

The fates may have intervened like divine providence, but personalities mix like oil and water. For a human and a dark elf, freedom comes with a price. If they can trust each other long enough to navigate the perils of Deepearth, outrun evil orks, and evade dangerous dark elves, they might reach the surface in one piece.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Fantasy


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