Curvy Librarians of Sugar Hill Series by Liz Fox (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Curvy Librarians of Sugar Hill Series by Liz Fox (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Curvy Librarians of Sugar Hill Series by Liz Fox (1-3)
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Overview: Liz Fox writes short, sweet, steamy romances romances. They feature curvy women and the alpha men who fall in love with them. A curvy woman herself, she has a special place in her heart for happily ever afters.
Genre: Romance


1. Wicked at the Library – Violet
I recently got my dream job at the Sugar Hill Community Library.
For convenience, I moved in with my brother. I never expected to run into my biggest high school crush in the hallway.
It’s been five years since my brother’s best friend left town to become a hotshot firefighter.
Now he’s back, looking sexy, strong, and hot enough to set my panties on fire.
Everybody says I’ve finally blossomed with a new life, a new job, and a new look.
Do I want to commit to someone before fully exploring life’s possibilities?
I always wanted a life of travel and adventure–joining a hotshot crew was the best way to do that.
After a terrible accident takes one of my buddies, I decide to take a break.
When I move in with my best friend from high school, his gorgeous housemate takes me completely by surprise.
She’s smart, curvy, and ignites a burning passion in my heart and body.
Can I convince her that our love is a strong, steady flame and won’t burn out?

2. Willing at the Library – Hope
It took me a lot of traveling–and a lot of jobs–to escape my troubled childhood.
Thankfully, I found my calling and my tribe at the Sugar Hill Community Library.
When a well-meaning single dad picks up his daughter after story time, my heart opens for both of them.
Ryan is tall, handsome, and knows how to turn my pages.
But do I want to commit to someone who might not prioritize my needs?
I brought my daughter to the Sugar Hill neighborhood hoping for a new start.
Things might be going great with my business, but I’m struggling as a father.
When the local librarian comes to my rescue, everything starts to fall into place.
She’s smart, curvy, and turns my software into hardware.
If I want to have my happily ever after, then I need to prove to the women in my life that family always comes first.

3. Wanton at the Library – Sara
I’m pretty happy with my life. I have good friends, a job at the library, and a couple cats.
What I don’t have is a romantic relationship.
That’s because I’ve been in love with my best friend for the last several years.
Zach is tall, handsome, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.
But he never saw me that way, at least not until someone else takes notice.
I’ve been waiting for Zach so long. Can I trust his sudden interest?
I finally made it. I have money, a successful business, and have earned my way into the hallowed halls of the Oakwood Club.
But now that I’m here, it feels like something is missing.
The model on my arm isn’t doing anything for me. It’s my best friend of twelve years that suddenly captures my interest.
She’s curvy, smart, and I’m an idiot for never noticing how perfect we could be together.
Can I convince her that she’s more than just a friend to me, she’s my forever?

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3. Wanton at the Library


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