Cucked So Good by Catey Redd (.ePUB)

Cucked So Good by Catey Redd (.ePUB)

Cucked So Good: Cuckolding Erotica Bundle (Cuckold | Interracial | Ganging | MILF | Menage) by Catey Redd
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 254 KB
Overview: CUCKED SO GOOD: A hot and naughty collection of stories about husbands who are inadequate in bed, or just plain rotten, so their sexy wives take it upon themselves to get the dirtiest pleasures they can from another man, or men, and rub their husbands’ noses right in it.

The hot cuckolding action includes:

• When Liz met up with her friend Aria, Liz started to cry. When Aria asked what was wrong, Liz explained that her husband Keith told her she was too fat, and that if she didn’t lose weight, he was going to leave her. Liz also told Aria that she and her husband hadn’t had sex in a year because he thought she was too big. Aria told Liz that Keith was a true jerk since Liz was a beautiful, curvy, 40-year-old woman. A real woman. That’s when the two ladies came up with a plan to get Liz the sexual satisfaction she desperately needed while teaching Keith a lesson he would never forget. A few days later, Aria came over to their house with two hot studs, Ryan and Cameron. It soon became very clear to Keith what was about to happen. Would the ladies make Keith watch as the two studs got dirty and nasty with his wife right in front of him? And would he have to clean up the mess they made when they were finished?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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