Cruel Bully by Iris Taylor (.ePUB)

Cruel Bully by Iris Taylor (.ePUB)

Cruel Bully by Iris Taylor (Ravenshaw Academy #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 238 kB
Overview: Ravenshaw Falls was supposed to be my haven, my sanctuary away from my past. And then I stepped into its elite high school…

Victor, Jessica, Adrienne and Elijah. The beautiful, rich kids of Ravenshaw Academy, and the meanest.

They love reigning supreme and pushing the new kids around. Unfortunately for them, I’m not the kind to sit back and simply take it. They don’t know the kind of things I’ve already faced back home.

But little did I know that with every button of theirs I push, I only dig a deeper hole for myself…

TRIGGER WARNING: Cruel Bully is the first book in the Ravenshaw Academy series. It contains mature themes, sexual content, and violence. It touches on topics like rape and abuse. You have been warned!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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