Crooked Creek Montana Series by Shae Sullivan (.ePUB)

Crooked Creek Montana Series by Shae Sullivan (.ePUB)

Crooked Creek Montana Series by Shae Sullivan (1-5)
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Overview: Shae Sullivan is a lover of coffee, cats, and comfy sweaters living in a small town in New England. She loves sitting by a warm fire, reading a super hot book, and hanging out in her local bookstore.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Rescued by Her Mountain Men – Delilah
Sometimes, the people we love the most, can hurt us the worst.
I know that firsthand.
And this time, my abusive ex-boyfriend has finally gone too far.
So I flee, searching for my own safe haven.
I swear once I get to Crooked Creek, Montana things will be different, and I’ll be able to start over.
But nothing is ever that easy.
Terror strikes again, and I’m not sure I can handle any more—until they show up.
Each man wounded in his own right, but strong enough to heal me.
They rescue my soul and ignite the passion I long thought dead.
The desire raging between the three of us is hotter than a thousand flames, and if it doesn’t consume me, the return of my violent past, just might.
Rhett/ Maverick
We each have our own demons.
One of us tries to burn the darkness away, while the other chooses to escape the world in solitude.
We’ve accepted our pain. Learned to live with it.
But that all changes when she shows up.
Meeting her was never in our plans, but fate doesn’t care about what you want.
Only what you need.
And we need her. Her sweet lips. Her luscious body. Her. . . everything.
She tries to push us away, claiming that she’s got a bad past.
But hell, who doesn’t?
Now a threat pursues us.
And the fire of our attraction overwhelms us.
But we won’t let a single thing stand in the way.
We want Delilah, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to take her from us.

2. Frisked by Her Mountain Men– She’s caught between a rock and a hard, hunky set of mountain men . . .
I hate that word. But it’s hard to get away from when you lived through the kind of tragedy I have.
They say time heals all wounds. I call bullsh*t.
Time only makes it easier to accept what you’ve become, but it doesn’t fix it.
So here I am, starting a new life, back where my old life ended. Back in Crooked Creek, Montana.
I don’t expect much, just maybe peace and quiet—until I meet them.
They’re all male, all muscle, and built to please a woman.
I don’t want to expose my wounds—or my heart—but every second we’re together, all my walls are breaking further down.
I should end this, but with every touch . . . every caress . . . I’m finding it harder to say no.
Archie/ Oakland
Restless souls.
That’s what we are.
Two lone wolves who somehow find a kindred spirit in one another.
We never expected to have a thing in common, except maybe our love for jack daniels and beautiful women . . .
But then she walked into our lives.
Reappearing like a long-lost part of us.
She’s guarded and requires taking care of—and we’re more than happy to indulge all her needs.
She thinks she’s ruined. Imperfect. Damaged.
F*ck. She’s crazy.
The scars that mark her body are like a beautiful map to her soul. A map we intend to explore every corner of.
But when trouble comes knocking on Crooked Creek’s door again, our pleasure filled triad is faced with a challenge none of us ever expected.
Can the wild flames burning between us be enough to bring her out of her darkness, or will we lose her forever?

3. Shared by Her Two Cowboys – They’ll protect her with their lives . . . and seduce her with their bodies . . .
A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
I’d heard the phrase a dozen times; I just never thought I’d married one.
But I did—and he turned out to be far worse than I could ever imagine.
It’s crazy how easily a handsome face can hide a cruel mind.
I never expected my life to end up this way. Fighting every—single—day—just to survive.
And I’m tired. Tired of hiding the truth. Tired of all the lies.
Lies I created to protect the monster I married.
So I run—and find myself in the arms of two men that hold the power to save me.
They’re rugged, and charming, and with the truckload of baggage I have—I should avoid them.
But I can’t, because they’re making me feel things I thought impossible.
Our passion is undeniable and the more we’re together—the more I’m forgetting the past.
But if my secret gets out, I could lose them forever, and I don’t know if I’d survive that.
For the first time in my life, I decided to fight for what I want.
And I want them.
Bad luck.
Those two words describe both our lives right now.
But that’s alright, because what goes down, must come up.
Things are about to change… and that change comes in the form of fully pouty lips, freckled cheeks, and sexy red hair.
At the rate she’s barreled into town, she’s definitely running from something—or someone
And if the bruises on her face are any indication—she’s left for good reason.
She needs a good long getaway, and we’re more than willing to be her escape.
Sweet, innocent, and in need of protection, she’s everything men like us could ever hope for.
But like every beautiful woman—she’s hiding some dark secrets.
We want to be more than a passing fancy, and we plan on convincing her…
One slow, sensual caress, at a time.

4. Seducing their Small Town Girl – This small-town girl is back on the horse and ready to ride… hard.
A blessing in disguise.
That’s what everyone called it.
But to me, finding out your best friend is screwing your boyfriend, aka the love of your life, isn’t a blessing in any way. Especially when you still have to see your Ex at work every day; and he suddenly needs to ‘talk’ about what went wrong.
Yeah right. What I need right now is a distraction.
And I think I’ve found it . . . in the form of two deliciously captivating men.
One, is a sexy silver fox who has the ‘know-how’ when it comes to pleasing a woman. The second, is a hot, uber-wealthy, city boy who’s arrogant, stubborn and totally drives me wild.
They don’t like each other. Don’t respect each other. But that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the magnetic passion between us.
I keep reminding myself this is just a fun fling. Nothing more.
But now, one night of irresponsible pleasure has turned into days and weeks of yearning and desire, and as much as I want it to…
I know good things don’t last.
Don’t call us friends
We are nothing alike.
And it’s not just the years between us, or the ridiculous wealth one of us possesses. We’re from two different worlds—with very different values—and opposing ideals.
We piss each other off, so we plan to keep our distance . . .
until she comes into our lives.
Icy blonde hair, innocent chocolate eyes with beautiful copper flecks. She’s f*cking beautiful. Perfect. Desirable.
And now us two rivals have one major thing in common—claiming her—and keeping her.
She thinks this is just a fling, but she’s wrong.
And if her ex thinks he’s gonna weasel his cheating *ss back into her life, he’s got another thing coming.

5. Claiming Their Best Friend’s Sister – She’s off−limits, forbidden fruit . . . but they don’t give a damn.
The only person I ever needed was my brother.
It was us against the world, especially after our parents died.
He was my rock. My life. My safe place. My home.
Until they came storming in to claim me.
Alex Holland and Ripper Hastings are everything a woman could want.
Powerful, protective, and hotter than sin.
But I’ve had a lot of pain in my life, and my brother is ultra-protective.
So much so, that he’d even steer away men he respects—like his two best friends—just to keep me from getting hurt again.
Too bad none of us listened.
Now, we have to keep this passion on the down-low, because if my brother finds out, it just might destroy him—and that’s something I can’t bear.
Choosing between my brother and them is an impossible choice.
And I pray I’ll never have to make it.
There are two rules in love:
#1–Never fall for someone off-limits
#2–If you do, they better damn well not be your best friend’s little sister.
Problem is, once we saw Ronni—every piece of common sense flew out the window.
We know we should walk away.
We’re not the perfect men she deserves.
But a heated moment of passion breaks every rule we intended to abide by.
Now, this little tryst is turning into something so much more.
But secrets are like a poison. They’ll slowly destroy everything and everyone.
They say in Crooked Creek Montana—anything goes.
We just hope that includes your two best friends claiming your little sister. . .

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5. Claiming Their Best Friend’s Sister


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