Country Brides and Cowboy Boots Series by Danni Lee Nicholls (.ePUB)

Country Brides and Cowboy Boots Series by Danni Lee Nicholls (.ePUB)

Country Brides and Cowboy Boots Series by Danni Lee Nicholls (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 308 kb 424 kb
Overview: Author of sweet and clean romance.
Genre: Romance


1. Diamonds and Denim – What is a diamond really worth? It depends on the love attached to it.
Willow Simmons is a rancher’s daughter. All of her dreams revolve around her family’s land and the long unrealized hope to wear a diamond ring offered by Curtis, her high school sweetheart. But when she rescues Mick from a Montanan storm, a precarious friendship grows into something she doesn’t expect, forcing Willow, and the town of Sunrise Creek, to reconsider everything they hold dear.
Chef Mick Wilson can’t go back to New York City. His only hope for a future is an interview in Seattle . He holds fast to a set of precious diamonds that keep him tied to the life he cherished but that left him with a string of betrayals.
But reaching Seattle isn’t possible without his car. The longer it takes the mechanic to fix his outdated Jag, the more time he spends with Willow and the less he feels like moving on.
When Mick’s past comes to find him, he has to decide if a tender and new friendship with a captivating woman is enough to stake his future on.

2. Rubies and Boots – She doesn’t want to like him, and he’s doing his best to love her.
Ruby Johannsen loves her hometown of Sunrise Creek, Montana. She’s especially fond of her sweet little neighborhood that hugs the shores of the local lake. But change is coming. Newcomers are discovering Sunrise Creek’s rugged beauty. They’re tearing down the cozy cottages along the lakefront to build their own version of the Montanan lodge, threatening everything meaningful to Ruby.
Jonah Stiles has always wanted to be a rancher. When his best friend, Curtis Markham invites him to spend the summer working alongside him on his family’s ranch in Sunrise Creek, Jonah jumps at the chance. It doesn’t take him long to discover this sweet corner of Montana is everything he’s dreamed of, and he’s determined to own a piece of it.
When Ruby meets Jonah, she’s attracted to his friendly manner and good looks. In spite of Jonah’s status as an outsider, the two begin to create an uneasy friendship. But newcomers aren’t the only problem facing Sunrise Creek. When danger shows up on Ruby’s front porch, the repercussions will be swift and frightening, exposing Ruby’s deepest betrayal and the reason she guards her heart with the same vigilance as her hometown. In her effort to overcome both a painful past and a dangerous here and now, she’ll have to be willing to trust Jonah and believe his word is as good as his promise.

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1. Diamonds and Denim

2. Rubies and Boots


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