Cooking up a Celebrity Series by Hadley Harlin (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Cooking up a Celebrity Series by Hadley Harlin (1-4)
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Overview: Hadley hides out in her vegetable garden, penning steamy romance novels that would make her organic neighbors blush redder than a radish. If they knew. She also frequently dodges requests to join her two kids’ PTA board meetings to make room for her other hobbies.
Genre: Romance


1. Melted – The world’s sexiest bad boy chef three years in a row. The woman whose restaurant he tried to ruin. A cooking competition that throws them together. Who will melt first?
Hawthorne West is at the top of his game, racking up celebrity chef appearances and women across the globe. Until he’s asked to co-host a new travel cooking competition with Chef Sophia Sato.
Licking her wounds after a Michelin star snub, Sophia agrees to co-host the show to bring buzz to her restaurant. It isn’t until she arrives in Paris that she realizes Hawthorne comes with the gig.
Sophia is so forked.

2. Seared – A reformed bad boy chef looking for a win. A bright-eyed culinary school graduate. Oh, and a virgin. And they’re going head-to-head in an international culinary competition of a lifetime.
Things are about to get steamy!
Liam Long has been on a downward spiral for over a year. Fired from a cushy, executive position, he’s recently sober and now finds himself slinging patty melts at a local diner. This competition is everything he needs to skyrocket back to fame and shed his embarrassing past.
Clara Romero can’t wait to try her first taste of culinary freedom. This competition will prove to the world—and herself—that she’s one of America’s best up-and-coming chefs.
When the two collide, it’s instant sparks. Clara’s innocence tames Liam’s rough exterior, but only one can win. Will the stress of the competition tear them apart or sear them together?

3. Fired – An accidental Vegas wedding, an unfortunate arranged wedding, and Christmas. What could be more festive?
People say I’ve had life served on a silver platter with a flute of sparkling rosé on the side. They’re not wrong, but if I have everything, why do I want Puck so badly?
I lusted after my pastry chef two seconds after he applied for the job. My business partner declared work relationships off limits one microsecond later. It was probably the sparkle in my eyes. It’s been known to devastate small economies.
But what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right?
Nobody knows where I’ve come from, but they all know where I’m going. Straight to the sugared cherry on top. I’m a pastry god, life of the party, panty-melter extraordinaire. My ridiculously beautiful and wealthy boss is fun to flirt with, but that’s it. No ties, no commitment, no regrets.
Until Vegas.

4. Burned – Yeah, that was me on national television looking like a lunatic.
I thought competing on a global cooking show would be my ticket to fame, the perfect launch pad for my culinary career.
Instead, it led to a panic attack on the cold tiles of an industrial kitchen.
I’ll lick my wounds on the family farm in Missouri, sleeping all day and ignoring my Twitter feed all night, which is blowing up, of course.
Tall, dark, and broody was definitely not on my to-do list, even if he is the older, way hotter brother of my high school boyfriend.
He’s the town grump for a reason, and he claims he doesn’t have time to talk, especially to a city girl.
But I’ve seen flashes of passion.
He stares too hard and lingers too long, even when he’s complaining about me.
If I really want to relax and recharge, maybe I should learn to go with the flow.
Like they say, the best way to get over a failed career is to get under a farmer boy.

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4. Burned


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