Contracted Series by Aya DeAniege (.ePUB)

Contracted Series by Aya DeAniege (.ePUB)

Contracted Series by Aya DeAniege ( Books 2-7)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.4 MB
Overview: Aya DeAniege wrote for years, first to please herself then writing stories for free—believing no one would ever pay to read her stuff—before pursuing indie publishing.
Genre: Romance


2. Contract Broken – Nathaniel’s father was everything vanillas were afraid a Dom would be. Brutally violent, sadistic, and violating every law that the community had created. But then, those laws were made to stop people like him from having a place in their midst.
Isabella has survived the ordeal, barely, and even then only because of her ingenuity. She is rescued and taken to the Program building for recover. Physically she heals, only a few of the scars will remain over the years. Emotionally she’s a wreck, no longer in control of her reactions.
One man sees those startled jumps and the shadows in her eyes and decides to do something about it. He’s had years of practice and has a special place in his play room for victims who survived trauma. They simply make the most delightful sounds.
The community’s worst fears of what could happen to a sub have come true, except it wasn’t one of their Doms who caused the damage. With law enforcement watching their every move, they have to play by the book.
If only they weren’t trying to throw the book at a man who could afford a team of lawyers, whose very name makes those in power stop, shudder, and ask if there were any other way to settle the problem without involving him.

3. Contract Renewed
– A trial that almost didn’t happen, against a man who doesn’t believe he’ll ever see jail time, started by a woman who’s afraid of what might happen if he does walk free.
Albert Edwards is standing accused of the murder of six women, the assault of one hand, and the attempted murder of Isabella Martin, amongst other things. It’s the trial of the century, possibly even of the new era, as law enforcement struggle to deal with their first recorded serial killer.
Of course, that’s all public record.
Behind the scenes, Nathaniel and Isabella are struggling to come to terms with being outed by the trial, and by a leak in the Program. Their families and business associates all know about the kinks. Nathaniel can shrug it off. He owns his company, and his last remaining family member is standing trial.
But Isabella is in the Slum when the news breaks, visiting her family. If not even a visit with her family can go well, what about the trial? What about the rest of her life? Once the six-month contract is up, she’ll have nowhere to go, doesn’t even know where to start.
The men in her life aren’t talking about that, or the trial if they can help it. No, they’re talking about putting a crop in her hand. About finding her a mentor, and giving her control back, because that’s oh so much more important.
But while Isabella has the crop, she might as well take some built up frustration out on Nathaniel.

4. Contract Gifted – After having a bad day at work, Nicole headed home expecting to spend her birthday alone with a bottle of wine. She finds her apartment is not how she left it. A woman’s clothing is strewn across her apartment, items discarded without thought. She knew someone was in her playroom, the trail of clothing told her as much.She just doesn’t know why someone would be using her playroom on her birthday.

5. Contract Signed – What happens when you sell your soul to the devil?
Nathaniel Edwards would call himself a selfish man. He cares for little besides himself. Born into the rich and famous, he has spent his life doing whatever he likes. There is nothing he can’t buy his way out of. His partying lifestyle has proven he serves his own desires.
There are two people in the world who Nathaniel would put his life on hold for. Their connections are complicated and tenuous, but when one is threatened, Nathaniel and his friend sign a contract with Nathaniel’s father to save the life of an innocent.
The terms of their contract are as complicated as their history together, and just as dark. As their third year is set to begin, their contract dictates that Nathaniel kneel in service of his friend—at the discretion of his father.
He who has never held a door for another is suddenly to obey every command, every flick of the fingers, of someone he’s known for years. He never expected to find comfort in the act of service.
But then, he never expected to serve Him.

6. Contract Sealed – No one said kneeling in service would be easy.
Nathaniel has sworn his body and soul in service of Mr. Wrightworth but struggles against the leash his Master holds.
At the core of the struggle is a fact they both know, but Nathaniel can’t bring himself to admit: years of living in his father’s shadow have left Nathaniel with trust issues and a stubborn determination to keep anyone from ever again having that sort of control over his life.
As their time together progresses, Nathaniel learns the boundaries of his servitude the hard way. He comes to intimately understand what Mr. Wrightworth’s title means.
But can he learn to trust Him?

7. Contract Delivered – Time is a fickle creature.
Nathaniel accepted a collar eighteen months ago. Since then he has grown in his Master’s darkness, sparkled in His light, and cherished every moment of servitude as the gift it is.
As their second year together winds to a close, Nathaniel is blissfully unaware of the bleak future looming on the horizon. Events beyond even the control of the manipulative Master pull the attention of the pair this way and that.
Yet as the days pass, Nathaniel can’t shake the feeling he’s forgetting something.
Or figure out why, when he kneels in service of his Master, a sadness begins encroaching on hazel eyes.

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7. Contract Delivered


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