Conquered Mates Series by Athena Storm, Tara Starr (.ePUB)

Conquered Mates Series by Athena Storm, Tara Starr (.ePUB)

Conquered Mates Series by Athena Storm, Tara Starr (1-7)
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Overview: Athena Storm loves romance with a heavy dose of action and adventure. If your heart’s already racing, your pulse is already pounding, why not make sure the greatest stakes possible are out there?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Warlord’s Property – I invaded her home.
Then I saw her.
So I conquered both.
The Kraaj have no mercy. We kill all in our way. If the humans stood up to us with anything resembling a backbone, we’d mow them down instead of pen them in cages.
One woman does. Her name is Janna and she’s a pretty little thing. She tries to stand up for her kind, and so I just take her for myself.
I’ll claim her.
Train her.
Turn her into my property.
But she’s feisty and filled with fire.
If I succeed, this human woman will be a perfect companion and weapon.
If I fail, her fire will end up burning me alive.

2. Alpha’s Prey – First, I’m sold at the auction. But now, I want to be conquered.
Raxtar is delivering me to the monster who bought me.
He’s a Kraaj and his people have ruined our world.
He’s brutal and untamed.
I shouldn’t trust him. I should run.
But he keeps me safe.
Makes me want to stay.
Makes me want him.
I fought to protect my body. But I lost the war for my heart.
He’s everything that I hate.
Everything I’m against.
His kind crushes humans for fun.
But the only time I ever feel anything is when I’m with him.
Why do I keep letting him in?
Why do I crave his touch?
Why can’t I stop?

3. Brute’s Challenge– Escape is impossible. And now I’m relying on a monster for mercy.
I can see how he eyes me.
He owns me.
He can do whatever he wants.
His will is law.
This world is wrecked.
Society has collapsed.
The Kraaj control everything.
They can do what they want. Take what they want.
They command.
And we are theirs to claim.
If we don’t obey, we die.
How do you find love in the middle of a war?
Maybe you do, somehow.
But I guarantee you, it’ll be twisted.
It’ll make you sick.
Everyone in this world is just a lamb
They’re waiting to be slaughtered by my Kraaj master.
And when he’s done, each night, he’ll come home.
And turn his hungry eye to his prize.
To the one soul that’s twisted enough to be his fated mate.
The only one in this galaxy gone mad that’s a fit for him.

4. Alien Torturer’s Pet – Mercy is nonexistent. All he knows is torture.
First they bombed and blasted all our cities.
Then they enslaved us.
Put us into camps.
Had their way with us.
To defy them was to die.
Now I have a new master.
Pain is his profession.
That’s why the Kraaj send him to our planet.
They call him Black Hand.
But its his heart that’s truly dark.
But you know what?
When I look into those cold, merciless eyes.
You know what I see?
When his hands touch me.
Because he owns my flesh and spirit.
You know what I feel?
It’s hard to explain to someone whose not from here.
I mean, I know he’s a murderer.
A killer with blood on his hands.
But when he touches me and looks at me.
There’s only one thing I feel.

5. Alien Savage’s Doll – He’s a murderer…
A monster…
And mine.
He’s brutal.
He’s a beast.
Violence is his trade.
Blood is what he brings.
I know I should be afraid.
But I’m not.
I’m excited.
Thinking back, it was an easy decision.
Take the place of my sister with those Kraaj who were holding her.
She needed the money and she thought giving herself up was the only way.
But she had so much to live for, I couldn’t let her do it.
Not as the older sister.
So I stepped in.
And Kator claimed me in her stead.
It’s a different world I’m in now.
Gone are the refugee camps I lived in.
The squalor of the defeated.
I’m in a world of warriors.
I’m surrounded by luxury tinged with death.
Pleasure masked by fear.
Strength mixed with savagery.
Nowadays I have a new role.
Each night, I get my makeover.
Put on the dress he bought me.
And then tend to the needs of the one who calls me Pet.

6. Alien Tormentor’s Plaything – War brought us together.
Violence drew us close.
And it will be hate that makes us fall in love.
Rokav is brutal.
A silver-skinned soldier chiseled from stone.
8 feet tall and over 400 pounds of muscle.
My life was given to him as a gift.
My planet is under attack.
We thought the humans would come to liberate us.
We thought they’d free us from the Kraaj.
After all, we’re human too.
And the Kraaj are our brutal oppressors.
But they came to kill us instead.
And now our captors are our only hope.
Who do you turn to in a world gone mad?
When everyone you meet wants to kill you?
When your best hope is your worst fear?
This love I have with my Kraaj is sick.
It’s twisted.
People will look at us with loathing.
But I don’t care.
Because with him, I know one important thing.
No matter what…
I will always be his.
And I will always be safe.

7. Alien Soldier’s Prisoner – It’s the end of my world as I know it. But with Redak…I feel fine.
In fact, I feel more than fine.
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
He’s the alien.
His people invaded and conquered my planet.
They caused my world to burn in fire.
I should hate him. But instead I love him.
I’m not stupid. I know he’s a killer.
I know that I also most likely fear him.
After all, this alien warrior tracked me.
He followed me. Hunted me.
He made me into prey.
But invaders can also be liberators.
Conquerors can be saviors.
Villains can find themselves cast as heroes.
Is this what my Kraaj warrior is?
A hero in villain’s clothing?
Appearing to be a brutal and bloodthirsty warrior.
But actually the only person who will keep me safe?
It’s sick and twisted. But it’s true.
Sometimes the path to the greatest good is windy.
As well as dark and filled with evil.

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7. Alien Soldier’s Prisoner


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