Completely His Series by Ava Sinclair (.ePUB)

Completely His Series by Ava Sinclair (.ePUB)

Completely His Series by Ava Sinclair (3-4)
Requirements: epub reader, 338 kb
Overview: Ava Sinclair. Variety is the spice of life, and USA TODAY bestselling author Ava Sinclair embraces variety by bringing her readers romance novels spanning multiple genres. But the books all have a common theme – dominant alpha males dedicated to claim the hearts and bodies of strong-minded women.
Genre: Erotic


3. His to Own – The plan was flawless. The location for the auction was ideal. My body was toned to perfection. The participants — all billionaires — were chosen carefully. The winner would have one month with me, and for the price of my innocence I would be set for life.
Then it all went terribly wrong.
The man who bought me is no middle-aged investment banker. He’s a battle-hardened soldier, tough, stern, and unyielding. Now he owns me, and he’s determined to get his money’s worth.
He’ll do anything he wants with me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. He’ll spank my bare ass for the slightest defiance, tease my virgin body until I’m soaking wet and desperate, and then claim me as hard and thoroughly as he pleases.
I don’t even know if he’ll let me go when the month is over, and I’m not sure I’ll want him to.

4. His to Corrupt – I’ve always been the shy one among my friends. The responsible one. The good girl.
But that was before I met Jackson Rider, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding ex-con who saved my life and demanded a date with me as payment.
Jackson wants to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s for just one night. But one night isn’t enough. Not for him. Not for me.
I know he’s dangerous. I know he’s corrupting me. I’m just not sure I want him to stop…

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