Coffee Shop Girls Series by Terry Towers (.ePUB)

Coffee Shop Girls Series by Terry Towers (.ePUB)

Coffee Shop Girls Series by Terry Towers (#3-8)
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Overview: Terry Towers is a new adult erotic romance authors with 45 titles under her name.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


3. The Assassin And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
The graveyard shift at the coffee shop is usually uneventful for Lily, until the night the devilishly handsome Scott Redding shows up. In the blink of an eye, Lily’s mundane life is thrown into chaos as she finds herself on the run with Scott, while fending off both rival assassins who are hot on their trail, and her raging desires for him.

4. The Bounty Hunter and the Girl from the Coffee Shop
Lincoln thought bringing Angelique Donovan in would be a routine job; he was wrong. Angelique is feisty, silver-tongued and so damned sexy Lincoln can barely contain his need for her. Lincoln is stubborn, arrogant and such an alpha male he borders on being a jackass, but Angelique is drawn to him. In the days and nights they spend together, they discover there is a fine line between love and hate.

5. The Firefighter and the Girl From the Coffee Shop
When not busy serving customers the girls at the coffee shop have a pastime that they find particularly stimulating; watching and flirting with the firefighters at the station across the street. Alyssa has had her eye on one particular hottie, Evan London, but to her frustration nothing beyond friendship seems to develop between them – until the night her apartment building goes up in flames! Upon rescuing her from certain death, he offers her a place to stay until she gets back on her feet. Despite the tragedy Alyssa sees this as an opportunity to secure her hunky firefighter once and for all!

6. The CEO And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
Beth Wilmington, the cute blonde hostess from the coffee shop is unlike the women CEO Gabriel Reynolds usually ‘dates’. There is something about her that compels him to keep going back there, despite the vile tasting coffee they serve. Desperate to know more about her, he jumps at the opportunity to give her a job when it presents itself.
Down on her luck, Beth sees Gabriel’s job offer as a live-in chef and housekeeper as a chance to finally get out of debt, but her intense attraction to him scares her. He’s sin in a devilishly sexy wrapper and only trouble can come from being close to him.
Can she live with the most eligible bachelor on the East Coast and not fall foolishly head-over-heels for him? Can she risk getting hurt? And will she want Gabriel when he opens up and shares his deep, dark urges and desires?

7. The Porn Star and the Girl from the Coffee Shop
Hunter Roberts is sexy, charming, mysterious and he sends Nadine Roland’s pulse racing each time he walks into the coffee shop. When he asks her out on a date, Nadine is floored and quickly agrees. But there’s something unsettling about Hunter. He’s evasive when talking about his career and it makes her wonder… Who is Hunter Roberts and what is he hiding?
Will Nadine feel so strongly about him when she finds out what he really does for a living? And can she really be with a man who spends his nights surrounded by sexy, naked women?

8. The Tattoo Artist and the Girl from the Coffee Shop
Chase Gamble. His name should have warned her right from the start.

He’s cocky and smooth. He’s the stereotypical bad boy complete with the sleek motorcycle and the body adorned with tattoos. Tessa knows he’s the last man any woman should fall for, but she can’t help herself – his steel blue eyes and cocky smile are like a drug. It’s impossible to stay away, not until she knows every secret Chase Gamble keeps tightly guarded.

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