Club Menage Series by Tara Crescent (.ePUB)

Club Menage Series by Tara Crescent (.ePUB)

Club Menage Series by Tara Crescent (1-3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.6 mB 472 kb
Overview: Tara Crescent writes steamy contemporary romances for readers who like hot, dominant heroes and strong, sassy heroines.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Claiming Fifi – I’m damaged. They’re damaged too. The last thing we need… is each other.I’m done with dominants. Been there, had one, have the scars to prove it. I’m all about work now, about growing my private investigator business. I have no time for anything else.Then a mysterious client hires me to investigate a case of blackmail at Club Menage, and he assigns me a pair of guards. Two men who knew me at my worst: Adrian Lockhart and Brody Payne.I’ve always been attracted to them.Always imagined what it would feel like to be bent over their knees.Always craved their firm touch on my body.But I’ve been burned before. Every instinct tells me to leave them alone.To turn down the job. To walk away and stay safe.I should listen to that voice of self-preservation, but I don’t.I’m damaged. They’re damaged too.One night will ruin us forever.Author’s Note: An earlier version was previously released in a boxed set. This version has been significantly modified and extended.

2. Taming Avery – The day after I slept with Kai and Maddox, I married another man.
I was young. Greedy. Selfish. Before I sold my body and my soul, I wanted one night for myself.
So I lied. I pretended to be someone I wasn’t. Took what I wanted, no matter the cost.
Ten years later, I’ve created a new life for myself. I’ve outrun my past. Faced my fears. Vanquished my demons.
Then they reappear. Kai and Maddox.
They’re angry. They want to know why.
They’re determined to see past the lies and uncover the truth.
It’s time for me to pay for my sins.

3. Keeping Kiera – I’ve been in hiding… Now, my secrets are about to be exposed.
Eight years ago, I got caught up in something bad. Really bad. A shipment of drugs disappeared, my sister Bianca and her deadbeat boyfriend Greg were killed, and I had to run for my life.
Those events have shaped my world. I don’t trust anymore. I don’t date. I don’t do anything to draw attention to myself.
Then sexy-as-sin billionaires Nolan Wolanski and Caleb Reeves explode into my life and shatter my hard-won peace of mind.
Because the secrets they’re hoping to uncover… Are mine.
And the truth they reveal will destroy my world.

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3. Keeping Kiera


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