Charak Samhita (Hindi Book) ~

Charak Samhita (Hindi Book) ~

Charak Samhita (Hindi Book) Book Pdf Free DownloadCharak Samhita (Hindi Ebook) By Brahmanand Tripathi

Charak Samhita (Hindi Ebook) is hindi translated e book by Brahmanand Tripathi of The Charaka Saṃhitā or Compendium of Charaka is a Sanskrit textual content on Ayurveda. Together with the Suśruta-saṃhitā, it is among the two foundational Hindu texts of this subject which have survived from historic India. The pre-2nd century CE textual content consists of eight books and 100 and twenty chapters.

Charaka Samhita by Charaka is a e book which is a Sanskrit textual content in Ayurveda. Nevertheless right here I’m presenting you with the Hindi translation of the e book. Due to this, readers can simply comprehend the matter inside it. The e book principally revolves across the evolution of Ayurveda and the way to remedy physique with the assistance of Ayurveda.

It’s among the many two basis Hindu texts which have survived from historic India. It encompass eight books and 100 twenty chapters.The content material of the books entails with the human physique and offers theories on human physique, etiology, symptomology and therapeutics for a variety of illnesses. You may as well learn Maa Ka Hriday, a Hindi translation of novel “Mom” of Maxim Gorki.


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Charak Samhita (Hindi Book) ~


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