Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse #1-3 by Selena Spry (.ePUB)+

Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse #1-3 by Selena Spry (.ePUB)+

Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse (Parts1,2) by Selena Spry
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 329 kb
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse: Part 1: The Vorare
A deadly outbreak is sweeping the globe and threatens to decimate the world’s population. Known as the Vorare Virus, the disease leaves the infected in a rabid, almost zombie-like state in which they exhibit intense levels of physical and sexual energy. In addition to a diminished mental capacity and heightened sexual prowess, the infected are left with a ravenous taste for fresh meat – animal or otherwise.
Worse yet, there is no known cure for this terrible disease. And as the world’s governments fumble for answers, society is left to fend for itself.
While the civilized world begins to crumble around them, four couples will find themselves forced into a set of dire circumstances in which life itself is at stake. Their predicament will test not just their ability to survive in this harsh new landscape but the bonds of their relationships and degree to which they are willing to push their sexual boundaries.

Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse: Part 2 : The Fall
As the world continues to founder under the weight of the deadly Vorare Virus, a small group of survivors holds out hope in one of Chicago’s oldest and most prestigious landmarks – the Excelsior Hotel.
This tiny taskforce has not only managed to secure the gargantuan property, turning it into their own private fortress, but may have discovered the cure for what has become the world’s most fearsome and deadly pandemic…SMOKIN’…HOT…SEX!
The problem is, they aren’t sure exactly what part of the sexual encounter actually cures the disease. In fact, they aren’t one hundred percent certain that sex is actually the answer at all. However, with the virus spreading like wildfire, and answers not forthcoming from any government agencies, time is of the essence to test their carnal theory…
…the fate of the world could hang in the balance

Carnal Conquest in the Zombie Apocalypse: Part 3: The Quest for a Cure
The world is collapsing under the weight of the Vorare Virus, and things are no better for the small group of survivors seeking refuge in Chicago’s famed Excelsior Hotel. As citywide services begin to break down and law enforcement gives way to complete chaos, a whirlwind of death and destruction swirls around a tiny group of holdouts inside the gargantuan property.
However, now that the group has finally selected one of its own to begin testing what they think is a cure for the virus, they must now find some infected who will agree to being sexually healed. While it might sound simple in theory, in the new Vorare Virus world, even the simplest of tasks can be shrouded in danger, and the group will meet with new and unexpected threats as the search for a cure continues.

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