Captured By the SS (Books 1-2) by Gail Starbright (.ePUB)

Captured By the SS (Books 1-2) by Gail Starbright (.ePUB)

Captured By the SS (Books 1-2) by Gail Starbright
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Overview: When not at her day job, Gail Starbright can usually be found in front of her laptop. She often stays up late, either reading or writing, and drinks entirely too much caffeine. As a writer, she loves that “ah-ha” moment…that moment when a great idea hits or some big break in the story shows itself. She only wishes she had more time available for writing.
She currently loves BDSM novels and hopes to write more in the future.
Genre: Fiction » Erotica > BDSM


War Prize 1
By the twenty-first century, the Third Reich has all but taken over the world. Only one nation remains unclaimed, officially, by the empire…America.
And in this world gone dark, gone mad, where evil eclipses everything, a single flicker of light burns the brightest and utterly intrigues an agent of darkness.
Author note: This book was previously published in 2011 under the title, Captured by the SS. It has been significantly reworked and rewritten in places. Some might consider this book dubious consent.

Agent of Darkness 2
It’s been about three weeks now since Darvlicht Hans-Kimmler, an SS officer and interrogator for the Third Reich, took an American spy named Isabel Riley as a war prize. Every night, he rides her tender flesh. Every night, he forces her to feel pleasure…despite her unwillingness, despite her resistance, despite her whispered words of “don’t” and “no.”
And every night, she pleases him more and more.
No, it’s not completely consensual, but hell, she’s his war prize, his prisoner. Besides, who said life was fair?

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