Captured By Aliens Series by A. G. Wilde (.ePUB)

Captured By Aliens Series by A. G. Wilde (.ePUB)

Captured by Aliens Series by A. G. Wilde (1-4)
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Overview: A. G. Wilde is an avid reader, a gamer, a lover of all things space, alien, and sci-fi. She is addicted to intense romance, irresistible heroes, and deliciously naughty things.
Genre: Romance


1. Xul – Athena wakes up in hell.
Well…it’s an alien slave ship, but it might as well be hell because she only has three choices.
Mate. Become a sex slave. Or be killed.
Great options.
Desperate for freedom, a chance for survival is presented in the handsome rogue alien called Xul.
But Xul is caught up in problems of his own and a mission he cannot afford to let fail—one that could be easily compromised if he dared open his heart.
That doesn’t leave her with many options and it doesn’t help that she finds him utterly frustrating…
…and strong, hot, irresistible…
She shouldn’t really be thinking about him like that. Should she?

2. Crex – There are two types of hell.
The one priests preach about and then this.
Stuck on an alien slave ship, Piper is auctioned and thrown into a cell with … something.
He’s an alien with a reputation.
A warrior. A beast. A killer.
He is dangerous.
A creature with a cold, cold heart…one not unlike her own.
You’d think falling for an alien killing machine was something so far-fetched it would never happen.
Well, so was being abducted out of 7.5 billion other humans on Earth—and that had occurred so…
Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

3. Yce – When she’d left the gym to head home for a quiet night, the last thing she’d expected was to be abducted by aliens to then be thrown into a fight for life and survival aboard an alien slave ship.
Now that chapter is over and there’s another obstacle in her way—surviving on a desert planet where everything lives to kill…all the while dealing with him…
The alien she’s stuck with.
He’s otherworldly, strange, and absolutely confusing.
She hates him and the feeling seems to be mutual.
Problem is, they are stuck in each other’s company until they reach the outpost to send a message for help.
Aliens are the reason she’s in this predicament and Yce is probably no better than her captors…
Except he is…he is very different…and that’s something not even hate can ignore.

4. Kyris – Being captured by aliens changes everything for Song.
One moment, she’s about to complete school with her whole life ahead of her; the next, she is thrown into an out-of-this-world nightmare.
On a world where she is hunted, she leans on the one constant that has been there from the start…
Her guardian angel…
Or so she thinks.
What he wants from her is far from holy…

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4. Kyris


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