Cape Danger Series by Tessa Carr (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Cape Danger Series by Tessa Carr (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Cape Danger Series by Tessa Carr (1-5)
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Overview: Tessa Carr is an author of erotic mystery and suspense/thriller you won’t want to miss!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. The Blue Lion – Can he protect his wife?
Meg Hart has been waiting months for her ten-year high school reunion. Everything should be fun. After all, the smashing seven, the group of cheerleaders she went to school with, should be there, along with her best friend Nikki. And her dominant husband Matt will be at her side as well. So why is it that she feels such unease every time she thinks of going? And afterward, when things began to happen, are the memories that pop up in her dreams after the reunion significant?
Dr. Matt Hart adores his wife Meg, in her submissiveness and beauty, and has since the first time he saw her as a patient. Their marriage has been wonderful, and he’s determined to protect her despite her poor vision. When the first girl of the smashing seven is found murdered and the others begin to disappear one by one, will he be able to protect Meg from the evil that’s happening around them? And what’s the significance of the Blue Lion in front of the old Victorian House on Country Club Lane?

2. Danger Comes in Amber – Can a spark of hope fill the void of fear?
After suffering through an abusive marriage, a horrific experience, and divorce, Amber – though emotionally wrecked – has not forgotten the man who saved her life.
His dominance has left a permanent mark on her mind, bringing her comfort even in darkness. Special Agent Michael Alex Braden of the FBI saved her life… but that’s not the end of their time together.
When their intense romance flourishes, can Michael keep Amber safe?

3. Shadows of Green – He’s her biggest problem.
Mellie Anne can’t seem to get rid of FBI Agent Max Lemons. He wants to protect her. She just wants to be left alone.
While visiting her late husband’s grave, Mellie is the target of an attack.
Max demands she follow his orders or face the consequences. When they’re thrown together in spite of their vexation with each other, Mellie realizes that maybe Max isn’t the enemy after all.

4. Ancient Gold – Perhaps she wasn’t the submissive type after all?
Nikki has always been envious of the Dom/sub relationship her friends have. But now that she has it, what has changed? At first, she had been so happy with it. Now, she and Scott seem to be trying to find their way.
Scott takes their relationship quite seriously. But what about Nikki? Perhaps she only thinks she is submissive?
But when the arrival of a seventeenth-century desk throws their lives into a tailspin, she finds herself forced to depend on him more than ever.

5. Secrets, Lies and Lavender – Can a web of secrecy and deceit turn to trust?
Andrea Woods, nicknamed “Andy” by Special Agent Adam Reese, is hiding tragic secrets. As beautiful as she is smart, she is also just as secretive. Something has her terrified, and when he questions her, he can see straight through her.
She might be telling the truth. But not the whole truth. And when she begins receiving stalks of French Lavender after murders, the suspicion rapidly points to her.
What is she hiding? It’s imperative that he finds out. Before it’s too late.

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5. Secrets, Lies and Lavender


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