Campus Life Series by Jenny Plumb (.ePUB)

Campus Life Series by Jenny Plumb (.ePUB)

Campus Life Series by Jenny Plumb (1-5)
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Overview:I’m married, and I have two wonderful kids. I also have one dog, three cats, a part time job, and a mortgage. I’ve lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my entire life, but most days I’d rather be on the computer writing, than out enjoying the scenery.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. January Ice – His dominance is what calms her.
Attacked after leaving a lifestyle club for a night of play with strangers, Jade is shaken.
When Officer Danny discovers which club she visited, he reveals a glimpse of his dominant side to Jade. It’s exactly what she needed to help calm her nerves.
Still, she feels as though someone is watching her. Is her mind playing tricks on her after the attack, or does she have a stalker who won’t leave her alone?

2. February Hearts – Will they be torn apart?
As she is hurrying across campus, Faith falls down and scrapes her hands and knees. Before she can stand, a man named Juan is helping her up and asking, with a heavy Spanish accent, if she is okay. The pain and surprise make it difficult for her not to slip into a childlike mindset, and when he offers some light first aid, she can’t refuse. During the brief encounter, Juan automatically treats her like a precious little girl while patching her up.
After that, Faith can’t get him out of her head, but unfortunately, she has no idea who he is or how to contact him. A week later, when Juan shows up at a munch that Faith attends regularly, both of them are giddy to see the other there. They play together, and Faith becomes attached to her new friend very quickly, opening the door to something more.
Her newfound happiness is disrupted, however, when she finds out that Juan isn’t a U.S. citizen. He’s a Mexican citizen with a visa to work in America, but his visa will be expiring soon. Will they find a way to stay together, or will Faith’s new Daddy Dom be forced to leave her?

3. March Growth – Marilyn has hated herself for being kinky since puberty, and she avoids thinking about it as much as possible by throwing herself into her schoolwork. Over the years, she has come up with several methods of punishing herself for the kinky thoughts that go through her head, because she believes they are sinful. As an introvert hiding a shameful secret, Marilyn spends most of her days studying accounting in her dorm room instead of socializing. All of that changes when Marilyn’s mother cajoles her into doing some volunteer work with the student Christian group on campus, where she meets Ford.
Ford, the volunteer coordinator for the Christian group, is friendly and outgoing, and Marilyn is shocked when he expresses interest in her. They get to know each other during their volunteer work, and Marilyn finds herself attracted to Ford’s natural dominance. But having a dominant boyfriend only brings her kinky thoughts to the surface, and then those thoughts make her want to punish herself more often.
Will Marilyn be able to keep her shameful secrets from Ford? And if she can’t keep her secrets, will she lose him forever if he finds out?

4. April Showers – Ava has spent most of her childhood building up emotional walls around her heart, and now that she’s an adult, she is constantly searching for physical pleasure to make up for her lack of emotional fulfillment. Most often, that pleasure comes in the form of sex, either by herself, or with her fellow college students. She is used to getting whomever she wants, whenever she wants, and dumping them if they start talking about a long term relationship.
Ava meets Mike when she takes her broken laptop to get fixed. Internally, she thinks about using him to hack her less than stellar grades and decides to seduce him. She finds him surprisingly experienced and kinky in the sack, and his casual dominant nature outside of the bedroom makes her crave more.
A week later, Ava meets Luke in her sociology class. When she finds out he’s the teaching assistant for the class, she decides to seduce him as well, to get a better grade, but he isn’t as easily swayed as Mike. His reluctance makes Ava more determined to get him in her bed, and she pursues him even though he seems to have the unnerving ability to see through her emotional walls and into her heart.
Dating two men at once can be tricky, especially when one is very dominant and holds her accountable for her mischief. Will she be able to keep them from finding out about each other, and if they do, will she be able to keep either one or lose them both?

5. May Flowers – Mia spent a year dating an emotionally abusive dominant, falling further and further under his control, until one day she snapped and walked away without a word. Six months later, she’s running her own flower shop out of her home and seeing a professional Domme for weekly sessions to get her needs met, because that’s safer than dating again.
One night at closing time, she’s robbed and assaulted. The attack is cut short when her favorite repeat customer, Aaron, arrives and scares the other man off. Aaron helps get her through the night, standing by her side as she deals with the police, the hospital, and an unexpected visit from her ex-boyfriend.
Over the next few days, Mia and Aaron grow close, but Mia is hiding her submissive nature from him, even when she sees hints of a dominant side in him, because she still has serious doubts about starting another relationship.
When her ex ramps up his threatening behavior, and Aaron ramps up his protective behavior to match, will Mia take the plunge and confess her true nature to Aaron? And if she does, will he accept that side of her?

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5. May Flowers


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