Camp Mountain Man Series by Kate Tilney (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Camp Mountain Man Series by Kate Tilney (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Camp Mountain Man Series by Kate Tilney (1-4)
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Overview: Kate Tilney writes short and sweet steamy romances with alpha heroes and the relatable heroines who love them. When she isn’t curled up with a good story, Kate can be found listening to true crime podcasts, re-watching TV shows from her youth, and dreaming up another next happily ever.
Genre: Romance


1. Noah – Jules
There’s no one better at making sales than me. After being the top salesperson at my athletic-wear company four quarters in a row, I’ve won an all-inclusive two-week stay to an Alaskan resort.
Only, all-inclusive means something totally different here. And resort is a fancy word for roughing it in the middle of nowhere. If I don’t end up mauled by a bear or a moose, it’ll be a miracle.
Though, I wouldn’t mind being mauled by the super sexy owner of the lodge . . .
She doesn’t belong here. I knew that the second she stepped off of the airplane. Polished and put together, if a bit clumsy, I’d like nothing more than to get her messy.
And I’m not just talking about rolling around in the mud.
I shouldn’t want her, but I do. And the longer she stays here, the more I never want her to leave.

2. SILAS – Violet
I don’t know how I let my best friend talk me into spending my hard-earned vacation time in the middle of nowhere Alaska. She has some crazy idea about setting me up with one of the guy’s at her fiancé’s lodge. Or, as she likes to call it, Camp Mountain Man.
But after being burned by the opposite sex more than my fair share, I have zero interest in hooking up with anyone.
That is until I have an awkward confrontation—involving my unmentionables—with the hottest man I’ve ever seen.
Every woman I’ve loved before has left me. So I’ve made a life for myself here in the Alaskan wilderness. I never needed anyone else.
Until I get into a tug-of-war match including a gorgeous, curvy lady and a bright red bit of lace. Then, I can’t think about anything but her.
Yet I know once I have her, I won’t be able to let her go again. I just have to make her see that she can let her guard down with me.

3. HANK – Bea
When my brother has an accident on a hiking trip in the Alaskan wilderness, I rush to his bedside. Once I’m sure he’s ok, my thoughts shift in another direction. To his best friend, Hank.
I’ve had a crush on the pilot/cook for years. And I’d give just about anything to spend a night alone with him.
And it would seem Mother Nature is on my side when a flash storm forces us to make an emergency landing deep in the Alaskan wilderness…
After spending the past week—okay, decade—trying to keep my hands off of my best friend’s sister, the last thing I need is to spend a night with her alone in the mountains.
I’ve been alone most of my life. Both by circumstance and choice. But the more time I spend with Bea, the more I’d like to change that.
There are some lines that are better left uncrossed. A night with her might be worth it. But will a night be enough?

4. EZRA – Wren
I head to Alaska to help friends set up “Camp Mountain Man,” a place where women can live out their fantasies of falling for a mountain man. The only problem? My friends forgot to tell the mountain men who own the lodge that I’m coming. When the lodge’s owner finds out, he’s MAD.
As I try to convince him to hire me, I find myself wanting to blur the lines between business and personal. There really is something about a mountain man.
The more I push Wren away, the more my body and heart seem to call for her. Smart, beautiful, and with a mouth so sassy, she’s better than any dream woman I could imagine.
Should I give in to the urge to make her mind and share my land and lodge with her? Or is she too good to be true?

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