Caldwell Brothers Series by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Caldwell Brothers Series by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Caldwell Brothers Series by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda (1-2, 4)
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Overview: Initially starting work with a degree in journalism and creative writing, Aiden Bates slowly found himself succumbing to the fun of writing mm romance and hasn’t looked back since.
Genre: Romance MM


1. My Brother’s Best Friend – Nico’s it for me, too bad he’s my brother’s best friend …
Friends and brothers are off limits. That’s always been the rule in our house. In a big family it’s the only way to keep the peace. That doesn’t stop my heart from belonging to Nico, my older brother’s best friend. I’ve been able to put aside my feelings for years, but now that I’m an intern at the law firm he owns, all those feelings are threatening to overflow.
He says he doesn’t do relationships, and that work is all he has time for, but when things heat up between us I know I’ve found something worth fighting for. I’ll prove to Nico that I’m the guy for him. It’s time to throw out the old rules and make new ones of our own.

2. Suited For You – He’s smug, conceited … and hot as hell …
Becoming a partner at Caldwell and Holton will be the crowning achievement in my hard fought career. There’s just one problem. One arrogant, materialistic, flashy problem: Saint Caldwell.
Unlike me, he’s never had to struggle for anything a day in his life … or so I think. But there’s more to the man than a showy Porsche and killer smile. I’ve spent my whole life working towards this moment, and I can’t let myself fall for his good looks, no matter how much I crave him.
But long hours and close quarters are a combination neither of us can resist, and soon heat at the office turns into a wicked night in bed. We’re total opposites … can we really make it work for more than a night of pleasure?
At first it seems perfect. Saint fits in with my family, my step-father loves him, and the chemistry between us shows no signs of stopping. But when my own insecurities about my self-worth threaten everything we could have, I’ll need to find a way to move past them … or I’ll lose the best thing to ever happen to me.

4. Sweet On You – Sleeping with the boss has never been so sweet…
I’ve never really been in love before, and I never thought I’d start now. But ever since beginning work at Lakeshore Dental, I can’t get Kane out of my mind. We had one wild night of passion… and now he says we can’t be anything more than a one time hookup.
He thinks I’m a brat, too spoiled and too young. Obviously, I disagree – and despite what Kane says, his eyes on my body are telling a different story.
If we do this, we have to be discreet. Secret.
But my steamy dentist has been burned before, and convincing him that I’m not going to be another break in his heart is about as easy as a root canal. Which is to say: I’m screwed.

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1-2, 4

4. Sweet On You


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