Burned Duet by Abigail Davies (.ePUB)

Burned Duet by Abigail Davies (.ePUB)

Burned Duet by Abigail Davies ( 1-2)
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Overview: Abigail Davies grew up with a passion for words, storytelling, maths, and anything pink. Dreaming up characters–quite literally–and talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for her.
Genre: Romance


1. Fast Burn – Strong.
Guys like him didn’t want girls like me.
Or did they?
My life was a battle, one which I was losing.
Each moment I struggled to keep everything on lockdown.
And yet all it took was the man with the enticing eyes to draw me out.
He thought he knew my secrets, but he had no idea the pain I felt.
The torture I suffered.
The agony I held deep down inside where no one else could see.
Dancing had been my only savior.
But now he was too.
The marine who knew the deepest part of my soul.
The tattoo artist who turned my black and gray world into full color.
The man fourteen years older than me.
He’d vowed to protect me. To shield me from the evil I encountered.
But there was a dark cloud hanging over us.
One which promised to rain terror.
The battle had turned into a war, and there could only be one winner.

2. Deep Burn – Broken.
Fractured into a thousand tiny pieces.
I’d promised to make it all better.
To heal the blows she’d been dealt.
But she wasn’t the only one living in a nightmare.
I’d tried to forget about my past as a marine, but it echoed in the edges of my mind, chipping away at my sanity.
The violent memories haunted me.
But now so did she.
I’d let my anger take over.
I thought I’d gone too far and destroyed everything.
But she was still there.
Waiting for me.
Waiting for us.
Our pain threatened to eradicate everything around us.
A roaring flame no one could extinguish.
But it was nothing compared to the fire in our souls.
The deepest love always burned the hottest.
And ours was set to ignite an inferno.

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