Bullies of Brentmoor Series by Ryan Ramsay (.ePUB)

Bullies of Brentmoor Series by Ryan Ramsay (.ePUB)

Bullies of Brentmoor Series by Ryan Ramsay (1-4)
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Overview: Reverse harem author.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


1. Dirty Deeds – I thought nothing would be as bad as losing my mother.
That crushed my spirit to the core.
But then I started at Brentmoor.
I realized these rich boys have my reputation and heart in their hands.
And that they’re dead set on crushing those, too.
After my mother died, I found out that my father is a famous movie star. His one contribution to my life? A full ride to Brentmoor, a playground for rich kids. And the best of the best make up “the Council.” They run the school, even the teachers.
Too bad I’m on their hit list. No one wants a poor girl at Brentmoor, no matter who her father is. They won’t leave me alone — constantly teasing me during the day, and haunting my dreams during the night.
I would try to forget them, but they’re so hot.
If only I could convince them that it’s better to love than hate.
And that sharing is the best gift of all.
Other than getting sweet revenge, of course.

2. Dirty Secrets– They ruined me. Now I’m out for revenge.
But I think I’m also in love.
Sebastian, Braxton and Harrison have tormented me ever since I started out at Brentmoor. They’re part of “The Council”– the most popular students at the school, who have tried to destroy me every step of the way, despite my temporary trust in them.
It turns out their seduction was a lie and my reputation is in ruins. Not that I had much of one to begin with. As a poor newcomer to a rich school full of the established elite, I was already an outcast. But they’ve made my life a living h*ll.
Now, when members of The Council don’t let up, I try to take matters into my own hands. I have a plan for revenge that should turn things around for me finally. But it seems that the Brentmoor boys have some secret desires of their own.
I know I should resist them, but the temptation to give into these handsome, strong, dominant guys is real. Plus, each could be useful assets to me in their own way. As I let my heart and body get more entangled with theirs, however, I start to worry that my plan for vengeance might be the worst one I’ve ever had.
Can I trust them for allegiances that will help me out?
Or will love and desire get in the way of my revenge?

3. Dirty Lies – I have two big secrets, but are all the lies worth the risk?
I used to hate having to be a student at Brentmoor. The Council, an exclusive club made up of elite rich kids, tormented me day in and day out. But now I’m spending my days, not to mention my nights, with two of its richest- and most handsome- members.
My former bullies are now my bedmates. But no one can know, because I still don’t know who to trust.
Braxton, my studly, rich billionaire, wants to make things between us official. But will my hot-tempered love understand when he finds out about my dark, dirty secrets?
Harrison, my musical genius and son of a rock star, used me before but now I think his love for me is sincere. We have so much in common, and I just can’t give him up. He pleasures me just as much as Braxton does, but in different ways.
I should choose one, but I don’t want to.
And maybe I feel like having even more.
I’m sick of being bullied. It’s time to take matters into my own hands. Sebastian, the last male member of the Council, needs to be taught a lesson. I’m going to make sure that he never makes fun of me again. But in doing so, will I bring him to my side… and to my bed? And then what?
Is dating three Brentmoor bullies too much?
Will they learn to share me?
Or will they turn on me now that I’m getting my revenge?

4. Dirty Love – It’s us against them.
But the last two remaining members of the Council fight dirty.
It’s time to beat them at their own game.
My time at Brentmoor, a private school for the nation’s richest kids, has been tumultuous. I’ve been constantly bullied by members of the Council, the most elite and mean clique that exists here, but slowly, one by one, I’ve gotten the group of friends to break up. And along the way, I’ve even earned the love of multiple male Council members.
Two of the boys, Sebastian and Harrison, are devoted to pleasuring and pleasing me, but I just can’t give up on the third. Braxton, my rich billionaire, was the first to say he loved me, but he’s still not sure about sharing my body and heart with the other two. As a typical cocky alpha male, he wants things his way.
But I don’t play that way anymore. I’m not giving up any of them, and I’m not changing the good thing I’ve got going with all of them.
Plus, I need Braxton on my side if I’m going to bring down the Council for good. Their last trick went too far. I can’t ignore my half-sister and her best friend’s bad actions that wreaked havoc on my life. It’s time for the bullied to become the bullies.
One more little scheme, carried out with Braxton’s help, and I will have my enemies in the palm of my hand while I have all three of my handsome guys in my life. Too bad my father is watching every detail of that life closely, thanks to the antics I’ve gotten myself into. If I slip up, the money for my tuition is gone.
When it comes down to school or revenge, what choice do I have?
I’m so close to having everything I ever wanted, but so much is on the line.
This time, it’s all or nothing.

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4. Dirty Love


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